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Genetic predictability steadily erodes during evolution
If you stand like Superman or Wonder Woman, would you feel stronger?
Government subsidy accelerates new era in prostate cancer treatment
Excess weight almost doubles risk of womb cancer
Estrogen and testosterone deficiency linked to higher rates of rotator cuff repair
How fingers could point to link between low testosterone and Covid hospitalizations
Nine charged, 24 firearms seized as part of Warrnambool police operation
Non-hormonal pill could soon expand men’s birth control options
Regular exercise, healthy diet could improve odds of surviving cancer and reduce risk of recurrence
Mutant mice shed no tears
Anti-Müllerian hormone may contribute to infertility in polycystic ovary syndrome
Police charge women after drug seizure – Hughesdale
Diseased male livers undergo sex-change
HKU microbiology researcher finds COVID19 virus causing testicular damage and atrophy
Three-drug combination prolongs survival in men with metastatic, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
More than half of postmenopausal women experience female pattern hair loss
Low testosterone levels in women associated with double risk of cardiac events
Sex differences in brain cell development offer clues into disease risk
Chronic marijuana use negatively impacts male reproductive health, may decrease testicular function
UCLA-led meta-analysis may help guide treatment planning for patients with high-risk prostate cancer
International meta-analysis quantifies impact of three prostate cancer therapy intensification strategies
Better mental health found among transgender people who started hormones as teens
‘Male menopause’ is real and treatable, say pharmacy researchers
Cooperation Has Dark Side, and Meerkats Are Helping Us See It
Drugging undruggable: NWO Open Competition grant for Alireza Mashaghi
Testosterone drives dark side of meerkat success
Prostate cancer medicine not cure for Covid
Adding depth to popular discussion of transgender rights
Your risk of developing high blood pressure may start before you’re born
Testosterone-producing Leydig cells successfully generated from iPS cells
Police charge man over $142,000 fraud – Raptor Squad
New Olympic Framework Backs Inclusion
Prostate cancer treatments improved by research
New strategy against treatment-resistant prostate cancer identified
Ski wax chemicals alter animals’ brains and livers
Identifying Therapeutic Targets for Aggressive HR-positive Breast Cancer
Additional support for Australian men battling prostate cancer
New prostate cancer treatment subsidy breaks seven-year PBS listing drought
New and amended PBS listings to help thousands of Australians
Drugs Designed for Prostate Cancer Show Promise for Treating Melanoma in Men
Future fertility of obese boys may be protected by early weight loss
Gene for sex hormone synthesis could play key role in eczema
Orchid extract holds hope for prostate cancer treatment
No, stress isn’t always bad. Here’s how to harness it
Childhood gender nonconformity in boys linked to early androgens
Sydney man nabbed over Australia’s largest heroin seizure in almost two decades
Mortality risk in transgender people twice as high as cisgender people
Exposure to sunlight enhances romantic passion in humans