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Sex Testing Rules Hurt Female Athletes
Extortion and weapons charges at Gold Coast
Joshua Kraft Urges Prostate Cancer Screening After Personal Treatment
Grant to fund study of prostate cancer evolution
Grant to fund prostate cancer evolution
ENZAMET shows promise as prostate cancer treatment
Cytoskeleton Components Boost Power of Sex Hormones
XTANDI Plus Leuprolide Enhances MFS in Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Research Shows Effects of Mutations on Androgen Receptor
Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research
Police charge man after gun and drug seizures at Windsor
New Study on Androgens May Lead to Breast Cancer Treatments
New Study Uncovers Impact of Androgen Therapy on Breast Tissue
Researchers find HERC1 protein deficiency to cause osteopenia
US Regulatory Review of Lynparza/Abiraterone for Prostate Cancer
Work Conditions Linked to Higher Sperm & Testosterone Levels
Physically Demanding Work Increases Male Fertility: Study
Men ageing gracefully: more testosterone may not be key
What happens in our brain and body when we’re in love?
Brain, Body Effects of Being in Love Explored
Compound Promising Against Resistant Prostate Cancers
Mark Cuban Pharmacy could save billions on prostate cancer, bladder drugs
Dog Owners Urged to Explore Wild Nature with Pets
Prostate Cancer Treatment: Stop Resistance Before it Starts
Kisspeptin hormone injection could treat low sex drive in women and men
Kisspeptin Injection Could Boost Sex Drive for All Genders
Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptives Show Promise in Tests
Hormone Drug Could Halt Prostate Cancer in Early Stages
Researchers Use Stem Cell Model to Study Sex Determination in Mice, Humans
Research Looks at Parent Income Impact on Kids’ Sexual Orientation
Scientists Find Cell Types Linked to Prostate Cancer Treatment Resistance
Parasite may create risk-taking wolves in Yellowstone
Direct-to-consumer online platforms expand access, but often fail to convey risks of testosterone treatment
Drug candidates may provide new contraceptives for men
Medicines trigger immune cells to attack prostate cancer
Lynparza in combination with abiraterone recommended for approval
Treatment without hormone blockers improves outcomes in solitary prostate cancer metastases
Protected from form of cell death, women are more resilient to kidney disease
Hormone discovery could predict long term health of men
Novel protein helps to regulate cholesterol production
Police charge man with trafficking as police seize more than $105k of drugs
Developing therapies for treatment-resistant prostate cancer
Experts link hand size difference to Covid severity
AI helps researchers design microneedle patches that restore hair in balding mice
Standard threshold for low testosterone doesn’t apply to young men
New data on how intermittent fasting affects female hormones
Metastasis-directed radiation therapy plus hormone therapy improves progression-free survival for men with advanced prostate cancer
New analysis led by UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center reveals timing androgen-deprivation therapy with radiation therapy