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Ballerina Anti-Obesity capsules
Provisional application receives approval through first international collaborative review initiative between TGA, FDA and HC
Provisional approval of lenvatinib in combination with pembrolizumab for treatment of advanced endometrial carcinoma
Redback SARMs pays fine for advertising prescription-only substances
PharmaCare pays $12,600 fine for alleged advertising of cancelled therapeutic good
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (oral pills)
Spectrum Therapeutics Australia Launches First Tga Registered Medically Approved Vapouriser
TGA cracking down on non-compliant advertising of bioresonance and similar devices
Hong Kong Tianli Biological – power tablet
Bali Mojo capsules
Australian traveller fined for importing unapproved products in luggage
Man fined for alleged importation and advertising of unapproved therapeutic goods
Allergan macro-textured breast implants and tissue expanders
Sports supplements in Australia
Endone 5 mg tablets
Recall of breast implants and tissue expanders
Improved medicines information for consumers
Thermography should not be relied on for early detection of breast cancer
Queensland best, NT worst in tobacco control
Civil penalties ordered against Peptide Clinics Pty Ltd for advertising breaches
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask and Activator
Cannabis treatment counters addiction: first study of its kind
State and territory governments continue to regulate fluoridated drinking water in Australia
Return unused prescription opioids to your local pharmacy
Proposed Regulatory Action for Textured Breast Implants
TGA strengthens regulation of stem cell treatments
Return your unused opioids
Slim Perfect Legs + High Fiber capsules
GoLean Detox capsules
International work-sharing Initiative – Niraparib (Zejula®)
New research backs TGA decision on poppers
Using ‘natural’ claims when advertising to public
TGA seize SARMs and Nootropics during search warrants in Sutherland Shire, NSW
TGA has seized Bloodroot Salve (Black Salve) and Bloodroot Capsules during search warrant on Gold Coast
Gold Coast company launches new product in fight against heart disease
Curam Duo 400/57
Hair Tonic and Hairpro capsules
TGA actions after review into urogynaecological surgical mesh implants
TGA continues action against Peptide Clinics Australia for alleged advertising breaches
AirXpanders Announces Special 510 Submission to US FDA for a Smooth Shell Version
Fluad trivalent influenza vaccine
LeafCann Group Becomes Licenced Medicinal Cannabis Manufacturer
Glyceryl trinitrate tablets (Anginine and Lycinate)
Metronidazole intravenous infusion 500 mg/100 mL bag
Queensland sets dangerous precedent with pharmacy prescribing
Drop in codeine sales vindicates over-the-counter ban
Weleda Baby Teething Powder 60 g
Fallopia multiflora (he shou wu)