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Significant gaps and inequalities in provision of specialist child weight management services
Report uncovers perspectives of dowry abuse in South Asian communities of Western Sydney
First-of-its-kind health app to be trialled for young people managing diabetes and mental health
COVID boosters well-tolerated during and after pregnancy
Recovery from hip fracture varies widely among NHS hospitals, study finds
People from low socioeconomic backgrounds could reduce chronic kidney disease risk with regular exercise, study suggests
Knee replacement surgery decreased after NHS policies on patient’s weight were introduced, worsening health inequalities
Study hopes to understand impact of exposure to Covid infection early in life on child’s brain development
Inability to stand on one leg in mid to later life linked to higher risk of death
South Australian Omicron Covid booster vaccine starting human trials
Research reveals new targets for diagnosing and treating aggressive cancers
What Should I Know About Anschutz Health Sciences Building?
New dental tool prototype can spot acidic conditions that lead to cavities
Sweet pressure – scientists discover link between high blood pressure and diabetes
‘Kids’ mental health suffering has become impossible to ignore’
Western Sydney University’s high-tech hub for health and medical research set to transform Westmead
University of Alberta’s newest Rhodes Scholar headed to Oxford with goal of transforming health care in Canada
First real-world study reports effectiveness of BBV152 against symptomatic Covid in India
Trauma and adversity research highlighted during Research Week
Western epidemiologist moves to frontline
£1.5 million to research role of genes and specific cell-types in Alzheimer’s disease
Westmead to be home to Translational Health Research Institute’s critical LGBTQI+ cancer research
Study: Pregnant women do well with COVID vaccine
New research shows lasting impact of Covid infection on immune system
Research finds gene targets of stress hormones in brain
3Bridges forms partnership with Western Sydney University
75% of sexual assault survivors have PTSD one month later
National resource to improve young mother’s mental health receives funding
New standard to improve care of 7.7 million Australians who receive IV cannulas or ‘drips’ each year
Aerosol generating procedures: are they of relevance for transmission of SARS-CoV-2?
Cardiovascular nurse researcher caring for our hearts this Heart Week
WHO engages Western researchers to help create age-friendly communities
Study exposes muscle mania stronghold on Australian young people
A new vision for adeno-associated virus delivered gene therapies
Researcher identifies way to prevent breast cancer stem-like cells from evading therapy
Respiratory support used for COVID-19 patients produce less aerosol emission than breathing, speaking or coughing
COVID-19 increases mortality rate among pregnant women
Kidney-chip research is funded for prime-time opportunity