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How do wind turbines impact Golden Eagles?
Robot A-Team vital to future of offshore wind and Net Zero
Portsmouth becomes first non US partner of new project to tackle plastic pollution in USA
Huge green jobs windfall for North-East and Yorkshire
Digital wind tunnels could help develop more fuel efficient aeroplanes
Platform for managing smart digital energy systems
Artificial Intelligence-driven ceramic coatings for greener air travel and human missions to Mars
Canada and FCM support green innovative projects in five Quebec communities
Field study shows icing can cost wind turbines up to 80% of power production
Cleaning up renewable energy: stewardship strategies for solar panels and wind turbine blades
Towards more fish-friendly hydropower plants
Research shows IdentiFlight camera technology greatly reduces wind turbine eagle fatalities
Mike Kirka: Turning up heat on additive manufacturing materials
Win-win for wind energy and eagles
NCC and Dstl seek innovation in composite structures for combat aircraft
Tresa Pollock’s research group has made a defect-resistant superalloy that can be 3D-printed
Versatile building blocks make structures with surprising mechanical properties
New partnership to boost bamboo and rattan’s contribution to sustainable development
Effect of wind turbines on bird mortality often underestimated
Offshore Windfarm development boosted by £2 million research
On way to fish-friendly hydropower
TSU will improve reliability of missile and aircraft parts
Oil sump coking leads to Saab 340 engine failure
How airplanes counteract St. Elmo’s Fire during thunderstorms
Why stakeholders in “wind energy vs biological conservation” conflict have low mutual trust and how to increase
VENUS construction on track for ORNL’s newest neutron imaging instrument
Designing lightweight glass for efficient cars, wind turbines
Fish Researchers use 3D printing, sensors to create models for hydropower testing
Imperial start-up turning tide on fishing bycatch
UW Scientist Leads Development of Golden Eagle Conservation Plans
Eliminating cracks in 3D-printed metal components
‘Listening’ to engine blades to stop failures, disasters
International Workshop on Specific Issues of Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm
Aerodynamic Performance Tested in Poul la Cour Tunnel
‘Solid’ milestone achieved at Granville Harbour Wind Farm with first wind turbine foundation
Supercomputers use graphics processors to solve longstanding turbulence question
Wind farm noise recorded almost 9km away