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Lab-grown blood stem cells to save lives
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Tranexamic Acid Ineffective in Preventing Maternal Hemorrhage After Cesarean Delivery
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Preventing brain damage in preterm babies
Mixed-Race Woman Cured of HIV in First-of-its-Kind Case: Report
Monash Receives $53M in MRFF Funding for Medical Research
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Premature Infant Medicine
Breastfeeding Cuts Arsenic Exposure in Infants of Contaminated Areas
Researchers find vaccination protects mother and baby from Covid
Working in extreme heat puts strain on foetus
Working in extreme heat stresses fetus
Oregon State researchers move closer to better care for life-threatening pregnancy conditions
Researchers examine impact of pandemic on children’s mental health
Way to measure brain blood flow in pre-term babies at bedside
Umbilical cord milking may improve health in non-vigorous term and near-term infants
Cell therapy could improve bone marrow transplant safety
KU Leuven stem cell biologists create new human cell type for research
Treatment for fatal lung disease in babies closer
Early childhood weight affected by mother’s diet during pregnancy
Maternal fat metabolism in pregnancy and fetal abdominal growth influence child weight
Maternal antibodies may protect babies from cytomegalovirus
New clues to how maternal antibodies can protect babies from cytomegalovirus
Covid vaccine does not negatively affect placental health
Water births provide “clear benefits” for healthy mums and their newborns
20,000 women and girls affected by Afghanistan earthquake need urgent access to life-saving health care
Study sheds light on most effective Covid vaccines for pregnant people
Preventing brain injury in babies
Treatment hope for premature babies
MD Anderson researchers present cellular therapy advances at 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting
Researchers identify possible new target to treat newborns suffering from lack of oxygen or blood flow in brain
Propagation of parasite in host cell stopped
Researchers identify possible new target to treat newborns suffering from lack of oxygen or blood flow in brain
MRI finds markers of atypical brain development in kids born preterm
Developing Cancer Treatments in Space
UCLA-led team creates first comprehensive map of human blood stem cell development
NK cells combined with bispecific antibody showed strong response for patients with lymphoma
Nano therapy for micro-preemies protects lungs, brain in lab study
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From tyre to classroom – rescued kittens make learning fun
Patient possibly cured of HIV infection by special stem-cell transplant
Study shows newborns’ antibody levels lower in unvaccinated, COVID-infected mothers