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New Study Presents Self-Assembled Artificial Nanocilia Actuators
1.700-year-old Korean genomes show genetic heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms period Gaya
1,700-year-old Korean genomes show genetic heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms period Gaya
Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide Wwitches for 6G Communication Systems
New Technique Turns Waste Substances into Valuable Products
New Mode of Materials Growth, “Spiral Growth Graphene” Has Been Discovered
Researchers Develop Mussel-Inspired Adhesive Binders to Improve Aqueous SAB Performance
Extreme Enhancement of Carbon Hydrogasification via Mechanochemistry
Understanding Why Carbon Nanotubes Grow
Asia’s Race to Outsmart Antimicrobial Resistance
Researchers Embark on Groundbreaking WIB System for Safe Operation of ESS
Ultrasound Controlled Mechanophore Activation in Hydrogels for Cancer Therapy
Scientists develop New Platform Technology for Personalized Cancer Therapy
Optimal Length of Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Nanorods for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
New Study Unveils Subjective Optimality in Finite Sequential Decision-Making
Paving Path to Develop of Safer and Sustainable Batteries
New Anode Material for High-capacity EV Battery with Extended Life Cycle
New Study Unveils Genetic Tango of Sleep-Wake Rhythms Spins on New Adaptor
Ultra-large single-crystal WS2 monolayer
Perovskite Solar Cells with Atomically Coherent Interlayers on SnO2 Electrodes
Economic and Carbon Footprint Analysis of Overall Hydrogen Supply for Different Hydrogen Carriers from Overseas Production to Inland
UNIST Unveils High-Performance, 3D-Printed Solar Evaporator for Desalination
Novel Hybrid Seawater Sterilization and Neutralization System
Scientists Explore Creation of Artificial Organelles
UNIST Unveils Highly-efficient Ternary Alloy Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
Solution-Processed Stretchable Ag2S Semiconductor Thin Films for Wearable Self-Powered Nonvolatile Memory
Choosing Proper Substrates to Grow Single Crystals of 2D Materials
High-resolution Neutron Imaging Reveals Kinetics of Water Vapor Uptake into Sessile Water Droplet
Researchers Announce Creation of Most Perfect Graphene
Research unveils thermoelectric ink that turns car exhaust pipes into power generators
UNIST and U2medtek to Implement Digital Healthcare Ecosystem
Exotic and Common: New Bridge Between Topological and Soft Matter
Novel technique seamlessly converts ammonia to ‘green’ hydrogen
Tip-Induced Strain Engineering of Single Metal Halide Perovskite Quantum Dot
New study boosts sensitivity of infrared absorption spectroscopy
New Study Unveils Novel Technology for Plasma Separation Using Magnets
UNIST Sets New Efficiency Record for Single-junction PSE at 25.6%
“A Spinning Toy Meets Hydrodynamics and Sets Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Motion”
New Study Presents Transformative Metasurface Based on Zerogap Embedded Template
Electrokinetic Proton Transport in Triple Conducting Oxides as Key Descriptor for Highly Efficient Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells
Topology-Changing Broadband Metamaterials Enabled by Closable Nanotrenches
New Study Presents Tip-Induced Nano-Engineering of Strain, Bandgap, and Exciton Funneling in 2D Semiconductors
Newly identified atmospheric circulation enhances heatwaves and wildfires around Arctic
High-Crystalline Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Films for Wafer-Scale Electronics
Synthetic Breakthrough for Controlling Functional Group Assembly Over Chaotic Mixing
New Study Unveils Ultimate Capacity Analysis of Orbital Angular Momentum Channels
Evaporation-driven Transport-control of Small Molecules Along Nanoslits
Fused Aromatic Network with Exceptionally High Carrier Mobility