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Deakin’s new Hub for world-leading energy storage and conversion
Global rankings underpin Lot Fourteen’s digital ecosystem
Paddock Practices: Manage soil nitrogen to optimise yields
Australia’s COVIDSafe app among safest in world
First training course to be delivered by Australian Cyber…
Mining critical metals is vital to our future
Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre appoints CEO to lead A3C…
$1.62 million for rare cancer research
Shy species detected through new DNA technique
ThincLab Loxton to drive AgTech innovation
Gig work survey shows urgent need to regulate
$1.9 million for traumatic brain injury research
Shining A Light On Gig Economy
Traumatic brain injury research to examine long-term impact of concussion in children
From Victorian collection to Virtual Museum
Testosterone to prevent type 2 diabetes in men – promising, but no quick fix
Negative impacts of cannabis use during pregnancy
Mental health study to assess COVID-19 fallout
We’re not all equal in face of coronavirus
University of Adelaide stands strong globally
COVID-19 research to inform housing policy
Link between rising use of antidepressants and youth suicide
Abuse of Powers of Attorney under spotlight
Research reveals alarming link between rising antidepressant use and suicide rates among young Australians
University community in Queen’s Birthday honours
$3 million for congenital heart disease research
Cholesterol levels slide in Australia
Masonic Charities funding boosts SA’s online mental health lifeline for all Australians
‘Community’ and Cashless Debit Card in Hinkler Region
$300,000 to University of Adelaide for diabetes research
Sea snakes have been adapting to see underwater for 15 million years
Evolution of colour vision in sea snakes
Pandemic hits programmers’ productivity and wellbeing
Early detection test for ovarian cancer closer with funding boost
Fine-tuning treatment for triple-negative breast cancer
Gig economy may hold some hope for jobs in age of COVID-19
Masonic Charities funding boost SA’s online mental health lifeline for all Australians
Genetic discovery sheds light on sodium tolerance in barley crops
$10.6 million in crucial health and medical research
A dream to take medicine to outer limits
New research released on risks for undocumented workers in COVID-19 pandemic
Understanding behaviour around food waste
Fossil discoveries reveal cause of megafauna extinction
Mysteries of megafauna extinction unlocked
Fossil discoveries reveal cause of megafauna extinction
$7 million investment to unite genomics research in SA
Genomics Centre sets SA as leader in field
DNA sheds light on frogmouth’s flight to Australia