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New information on development of Alzheimer’s disease
Collaboration Key in Creating Culture for Children’s Behavior in Early Childhood Education
Music Lowers Stress, Boosts Dental Students’ Performance
Boreal Wetlands: Large Source of Reactive Vapours in Warming Climate
Arterial Stiffness Tied to Metabolic Syndrome in Teens: Study
Early childhood green living environment does not protect against eczema
Scientists Discover 12 Cell Types Linked to Coronary Artery Disease
AI Method Replaces Chemical Staining in Tissue Analysis
Sedentary Time May Enlarge Adolescents’ Heart Significantly
Metabolic Changes Linked to Sexual and Physical Abuse: Pilot Study
Antidepressant boosts brain plasticity
Physical Fitness Doesn’t Shield Kids from Obesity-Related Inflammation
Being Fit Can Counteract Bad Effects of High BP: Study
Less Melanoma & Extracutaneous Cancers in People with Atopy
New Insight Into Healing of Articular Cartilage After Injury
Labyrinth lake provides surprising benefits for endangered seal
Christopher Raymond’s team helps build thriving cities
Low-Grade Inflammation Linked to Artery Stiffness in Teens
Medication Errors Cause Fear, Sadness and Guilt in Healthcare Workers
Emergency remote teaching during COVID-19 lockdown brought families closer together, but also required lot from parents
Machine Learning Predicts Poor Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes
Vitamin D Linked to Lower Melanoma Rates
EU Regs Omit Environmental Emissions of Pharma Supply Chains
Older People Overlooked in Digital Skills Training
Higher Risk of FTD Linked to Prior Brain Injury
Elderly Should Participate in Educational Studies
Digital healthcare, location optimization and road improvements are recommended to improve healthcare
First potent COQ8 inhibitor targets ubiquinone biosynthesis
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalisation and death
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalization and death
Study links Carnitine intake to better postnatal growth and larger brain size in very preterm infants
Searching for unique genes of unique hare
Cellular mechanisms explain differences in species biology and help to understand their evolution
New paradigm to enhance tumor targeting with biomimetic nanovectors
Passenger car preheating produces as much particulate emissions as driving dozens of kilometers
Digital and group-based lifestyle counseling to prevent type 2 diabetes reveals real-world effectiveness
Men from Finland with higher IQ more likely to bet on horse racing
Exercise and obesity have opposite impact on muscle, fat tissues, researchers demonstrate
One in three Alzheimer’s family caregivers has persistent symptoms of depression
Teachers’ turnover intentions, burnout and poor work climate are interlinked
Arterial stiffness raises blood pressure in adolescents via insulin resistance
Jari Koistinaho is new director of HiLIFE
VILMA Centre of Excellence develops AI methods for modelling atmosphere
Zombie fungus-infected fly wins second BMC Ecology and Evolution image competition
New atomistic level insight into drug-target residence time
Research shows particles formed in boreal forests affect clouds in troposphere
University of Helsinki to lead FOODNUTRI, national research infrastructure for climate-smart food research
Climate University courses from 18 universities open