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FAU is set to become beacon in quantum research
Gaining insights into spastic paraplegia
Fighting cancer with organoid models, cell characteristics and zebrafish
Space travel: Bone aging in fast forward
Who will survive climate change?
ALS: Early disease mechanisms discovered
SAOT recognizes innovative research into photonics
Why and how are cities especially vulnerable to impacts of climate change?
Blood test for Parkinson’s within reach for first time
Nano-Rust: Smart Additive for Autonomous Temperature Control
Is discount on fuel being passed on to consumers?
How is climate change affecting oceans?
New supercomputer cluster at FAU is one of fastest and greenest in world
Predicting when and where glass will break
Physicists at FAU have developed new paradigm for quantum microscopy
More than coffee ring
Analyzing images of reformer
Two transregios at FAU awarded further funding
Glass and energy reform: Sustainable production thanks to electricity?
Why are biodiversity hotspots important?
Light field-fast computing
New research training groups at FAU
Early detection of arthritis using artificial intelligence
Can planting tree tackle climate change?
Small, mini, nano: world’s smallest gear wheel
Is climate change increasing wildfires?
FAU among top performers in QS subject ranking
Can messenger substance considered to be inflammatory alleviate asthma symptoms?
How does nature benefit human health and well-being?
Digital questionnaire helps to diagnose dementia earlier
What causes asthma?
Unemployment has lasting negative effect on mental health
Cybersecurity in home
Finger-nail sized sensor monitors respiratory function
Green hydrogen glows pink
What are goals of climate change adaptation?
Will species go extinct with climate change and is there anything we can do to prevent it
Academic freedom on decline
Chatbot or human – who makes better recruitment choices?
‘Climate change is already here, we have no choice but to adapt.’
New medical advances thanks to digital twins
Manufacturing solar cells using ultra-high resolution printing
Iris implants made of smart materials
Gaining deeper understanding of glaciers
FAU research team develops design for ultra long-life perovskite solar cells
Deciphering Internet of tissue: European Research Council recognises FAU researcher
FAU researchers criticise ‘scientific colonialism’ in palaeontology
Corona vaccination without an injection