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Nasal spray against Covid-19
Impact of pandemic on integration and migration
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Black hole in Milky Way more massive than at first thought
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Technologies for More Powerful Quantum Computers
A Kantian perspective on present day
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Shorter transport times with less outlay
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FAU adopts FAIR principle
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Clear, reliable, up to date
Benefits of using media in preschool and classroom settings
Patterns in primordial germ cell migration
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Fighting rhinoviruses effectively
Astrocytes influence behaviour
App for clock drawing test will help to detect dementia in future
Current research improves working conditions for health workers
Researchers investigating use of a novel cell treatment in fight against cancer
International research project investigates photosensitive carbon nanoparticles
Three FAU researchers receive ERC Consolidator Grants
Bioactive glass as a new approach in treatment of bone cancer
Record resolution in X-ray microscopy
Overcoming loneliness, isolation and social exclusion in old age
Three new Collaborative Research Centres at FAU
Erlangen researchers investigate effects Sars-CoV-2 has on digestive system