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FAU Research Center New Bioactive Compounds is launched
€2M Funding for Emmy Noether Junior Research Group
Understanding and fighting metastatic cancer
Academic freedom deteriorates in 22 countries
Photovoltaics that can float and fly
Using artificial intelligence to prevent chronic inflammation
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Positive aspects of caring for relatives at home
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It’s electrifying
UCF Battery Could Prevent EV Fires After Hurricanes
Covid: On lookout for new antibodies
When antibodies do pirouette
FAU Team Joins EU Project on Intent Detection in Prosthetics
Connection between illnesses of digestive and nervous systems
Mathematically speaking, geothermal energy could meet 40 percent of Bavaria’s heating needs
Tapping into hidden potential of algae
Erlangen Post-COVID Center opens its doors
Sugar molecule in researchers’ spotlight
Just keeping house for jihadists?
Alexander Fidora, awarded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his research career
Gene plays important role in embryonic development
Researchers at FAU optimize performance and stability of multi-layer organic solar cells
FAU biologist discovers evidence for intentional communication in female putty-nosed monkeys
When star bares all
Pain relief without side effects and addiction
Preserved in amber
Recognizing arthritis in MRI scan
Pushing reset button on autoimmune diease
Measuring research performance – do only numbers count?
Germany and EU reclaim their position as technology leaders with sixth generation of mobile communications
Porridge-making in Neolithic period
Gradual global warming as harbinger of major extinction event
FAU researchers discover method for preventing limescale
Metasurfaces offer new possibilities for quantum research
Those suffering from autoimmune diseases require third coronavirus vaccination
FAU is set to become beacon in quantum research
Gaining insights into spastic paraplegia
Fighting cancer with organoid models, cell characteristics and zebrafish
Space travel: Bone aging in fast forward
Who will survive climate change?
ALS: Early disease mechanisms discovered
SAOT recognizes innovative research into photonics
Why and how are cities especially vulnerable to impacts of climate change?