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Funding for scientists
New Research Center “Umwelttechnikum”
Climate change leads to species decline in tropical forests
Climate-resilient Tree
Research reveals how neighbourhoods affect perceptions of safety in older people
Christina Leib-Keßler Will Be New Head of Administration at University of Freiburg
How cells control mitochondria
Faster statistical analysis of large data sets
Programmable structures from printer
Model for sustainable construction using natural fibers
Novel strategy for natural product biosynthesis
Preserving knowledge and keeping up links
Tours of Freiburg’s University History
New knowledge helps to explain Indonesia’s explosive volcanoes
Wild bees need deadwood in forest
A remote control for gene transfer
Heat, heavy rain, drought
Electron Merry-Go-Round
COVID-19 can cause severe inflammation in brain
Improving Habitat for Pollinating Insects
Binding of a second CO molecule observed
Most cities in São Paulo state have low potential capacity to adapt to climate change
Plant Competition during Climate Change
Learn. Be Amazed. Join in
Hybrid redox-flow battery with a long cycle life
An AI Robot for Pipetting
Fears prevent successful circular economy
Eleven Million Euros for Researching New Types of Cancer Treatment
Work and pleasure are not contradictory
Pollutants rapidly seeping into drinking water
New Research Training Group at Institute of Physics
How Plants Find Their Symbiotic Partners
More veg, less dairy
Timber harvest in Europe lower than claimed
With their new tool for synthetic biology, Freiburg researchers have bacteria develop photos
Human Rights in Times of Crisis
An impetus from art history for medieval research
A Focus on Climate Change
Glass injection molding
Vitamin A for nerve cells
200,000 euros for research into sustainable energy
Signaling Research for Kids
Key enzymes for synthesizing natural products
Continuing education in Museum Studies
Potential for saving digitally
How insects detect color
Development of an innovation region around Fessenheim
A gene provides both protection and destruction