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New study on expectations and reality of safe overtaking maneuvers in bicycle traffic
Van Andel Institute, University of Freiburg study finds insights into enzyme that combats common greenhouse gas
Molecular Machine At Work
2022 Eureka Prize finalists announced
Political panel survey: Germans feel strongly threatened by current crises
Invasive gum rockrose threatens cork oaks in Portugal
New Research project: Warning system for dangerous heavy rain and flash floods
Molecular Feedback-Loop for Plant Growth
Tabletop Magnetic Resonance Units to Revolutionize Diagnostics and Materials Analysis
University Administration Outing
Modern wind turbines can more than compensate for decline in global wind resource
New insights into binding configuration and mobility of molecules on nanoparticle surfaces
Four projects with new ideas for university teaching will be funded by “Freiraum” program
How crops can better survive floods
University of Freiburg Issues Invitation for 41st (Winter) Colloquium “Forestry and Wood” on 30 June and 1 July 2022
Deep Learning helps improve gene therapies and antiviral drugs
Exhibition in Botanical Garden: “New Wildlife – Globalization in Plant Kingdom”
How tree extinction affects food web
Climate Change, AI, and Criminal Justice: Transatlantic Partnership Dives Deep on Human Rights
MRI announces director’s sabbatical and acting director
New insights into movement of pine cone scales
“FreiPose” enables measurement of neuronal activity during movement of individual body parts
3400-year-old city emerges from Tigris River
Sensor network in forest to improve forecasts of climate change impacts
Students organize University Sustainability Days
Ceremonial opening of new research center “Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology”
Hybrid edition from Schelling’s previously unpublished estate
Cell division in moss and animals more similar than previously thought
Rediscover Uniseum
CHE Ranking 2022 honors research strengths in electrical engineering and information technology and psychology
New discoveries about origin of brain’s immune system
Bumblebees’ nutrition influences their pesticide resistance
New laser-based volumetric additive manufacturing method can 3D print glass in seconds
New process enables 3D printing of small and complex components made of glass in just few minutes
Rotating blue laser light reveals unimagined dynamics in living cells
German Research Foundation has approved new research unit dedicated to soil ecology
Insights into dynamic ultrastructure of heart
Where does Easter Bunny live? Citizens can report sightings of wild rabbits and brown hares
Proteins control light-induced seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana
Thomas Ferbel remembered as inspiring mentor and distinguished particle physicist
European Regulatory Approach to Trustworthy AI in Public Administration
Lung Tissue from Lab
Complex pathways influence time delay in ionization of molecules
New blood clot research indicates enhanced understanding of wound repair
Innovation Day Upper Rhine provides cross-border knowledge transfer
Majority of Freiburg school pupils approve of compulsory mask wearing and vaccination in pandemic
New finding in astronomy: black hole spins on its side
Better understanding communication between neurons in brain