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Opening and closing holiday hours
A Year of Contradictions
How cells get moving
Researchers develop foundation for direct sequencing of individual proteins
Between Arousal and Inhibition
A Freiburg research team deciphers how stem cells decide their identity
Social responsibility at University
Using Gene Scissors to Detect Diseases
Filaments that structure DNA
University of Freiburg opens first German-language Nietzsche Research Center
Bacterial Protein Impairs Important Cellular Processes
Launching a new alliance
Culture, Transfer, Dialogue
A sign of recognition
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Ways to Explore Brain
Stress in Powerhouse of Cell
Models and modelling across sciences
Poetry from Far North
Receptor complexes on assembly line
Educational Opportunities, Nietzsche and Archaeology of Freiburg
Being attractive helps, but it isn’t everything
ERC Synergy Grant for Freiburg climate research
How interactions between neuronal migration and outgrowth shape network architecture
Combatting hunger through not-for-profit project
How Environmental Forecasts Are Made
Old materials in a new design
Teaching for future
Taking an Active Role, Working, and Thinking Together
Embodiment of leisure
A Matter of Concentration
It is best not to fly to conferences
Exhibit on street art and artificial intelligence
Ensuring Future Viability
Authorities failing to make builders fully compensate for irreversable changes to nature