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Dinosaur-dooming asteroid struck Earth at ‘deadliest possible’ angle
Restitution of Books Stolen by Nazis
Faster and more effective scene understanding
Oracle in our minds
Programming with Light Switch
A Bridge for Exchange of Knowledge with Africa
An Awkward Relationship
“Freiburg Science Fair” Postponed
Cancer Mutation in Dual Role
Amazing genes of fly agaric
Back to future
Reliability for Next Five Years
Scientific Infrastructure for Virus Research
Immediate measures from University of Freiburg to prevent spread of coronavirus
Incentives for academic talent
Optimum performance for life science microscopy
Sensitivity to low flow
Flash droughts present challenge for warning system
Galaxy platform enables free and transparent overview of COVID-19 genome informations
Global database for Karst spring discharges
Researchers discover a new biochemical compound that can break down environmental pollutants
Origins of roughness
Medical benefits of nature
Brief Bursts, Big Insights
Electrons in rapid motion
Popular Places to Kick Back
Improving Protection of Wildlife in National Parks
Bees and Crop Plants
Sweet Nanoparticles trick Kidney
One million euros for junior research group
Fewer scars in central nervous system
Opening and closing holiday hours
A Year of Contradictions
How cells get moving
Researchers develop foundation for direct sequencing of individual proteins
Between Arousal and Inhibition
A Freiburg research team deciphers how stem cells decide their identity
Social responsibility at University
Using Gene Scissors to Detect Diseases
Filaments that structure DNA
University of Freiburg opens first German-language Nietzsche Research Center
Bacterial Protein Impairs Important Cellular Processes
Launching a new alliance
Culture, Transfer, Dialogue
A sign of recognition
Researchers are first to synthesize a cationic tetrahedral cluster in solution
Ways to Explore Brain
Stress in Powerhouse of Cell