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Did ancient Maya have parks?
Where does pyrethrum come from?
Exposure to pollutants, increased free-radical damage speeds up aging
Buckley awarded $4.9 million to develop gamma ray astronomy mission
Study Reveals Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Cancers by Single Year of Age
Two U of M Medical School studies provide new evidence to battle drug price increases
Resetting Travelers’ Circadian Clocks
Are plant-based ground beef alternative products healthier than ground beef?
Researchers discover a key cause of energy loss in spintronic materials
Improving dialysis through design
‘Disagreeable’ married men who shirk domestic responsibilities earn more at work
University of Minnesota Medical School identifies placental protein as possible birthweight regulator
Weight teasing is a risk factor for disordered eating in young people across demographic groups
Researchers develop antibody drug that could treat diabetic retinopathy
Oral health needs among youth with a history of foster care
Senolytics reduce COVID-19 symptoms in preclinical studies
New drug-formulation method may lead to smaller pills
Researchers Reveal Inner Workings of a Viral DNA-Packaging Motor
OpenStax Institutional Partner Program expands for next academic year
World’s Lakes Losing Oxygen Rapidly as Planet Warms
New algorithm could help enable next-generation deep brain stimulation devices
Innovative surgical simulator is a significant advance in training trauma teams
Something to Believe In
Dive bombing Killer flies are so fast they lose steering control
Rural hospital closures strain community ambulance services
Global pollen samples reveal vegetation rate of change
High risk of conflict between humans and elephants and lions
New Material Could Harvest Water All Day Long
Using diet pills and laxatives for weight control linked to future diagnosis of an eating disorder
Protecting Local Water Can Help Slow Climate Change and Provide Trillions of Dollars in Benefits
New research optimizes body’s own immune system to fight cancer
Implantable ‘living pharmacy’ could control body’s sleep/wake cycles
University of Minnesota Medical School researchers identify target for senolytic drugs
Economist Helps Demonstrate Global Benefits of Keeping Water Clean
Best practices to prevent federal government from blowing its technology budget
Animal production responsible for vast majority of air quality-related health impacts from U.S. food
Mutant corn gene boosts sugar in seeds, leaves, may lead to breeding better crop
Josh McDermott seeks to replicate human auditory system
ASM and Partners Request $60M for AMD Program at CDC
People of color hardest hit by air pollution from nearly all sources
Star employees and high performers positively impact peers up to a point
New method preserves viable fruit fly embryos in liquid nitrogen
‘Ecosystem measure’ designed to address shortcomings of GDP approved by UN
Social Equity and Sustainable Energy Intersect at UConn Law Conference
Improving drug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
Research brief: Improving rug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
Improving rug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
Filling Federal Oversight Gaps