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Vedolizumab Shows Promise in Treating Chronic Pouchitis
Pandemic Triggers Rise in Covid Vaccine Compensation Schemes
School Closures May Lower Covid Spread, But Harm Kids’ Education & Wellbeing
Lessons on crisis preparation from Covid
UK Gov Announces COVID-19 Testing Plan for April 2023
New Guidelines to Improve State Intervention for Unborn/Newborn Safeguarding
Chemists Design New Molecule with Oxygen as Star
Gamma Ray Burst Shines Brighter Than Any Before
Clinical Instability Predicts Psychiatric Hospitalization, Finds New Study
Mathematician Discovers Ways to Reduce Sampling Errors in High-Dimension Data Sets
Species with Unique Traits More Likely to Face Extinction, Says Study
Weight Loss Benefits Heart, Even with Regained Pounds
Regaining Some Weight Doesn’t Affect Heart Benefits from Shedding Pounds
Unique Turtles, Crocodiles at Higher Risk of Extinction
U of Toronto Tops QS World Univ. Rankings by Subject
Local school students invited to enter 2023 Beyond Boundaries art competition
Oxford biologists comment on new Genetic Technology Act
UK-led project to tackle deadly diseases
Research Reveals Cultural Impact on Music Evolution
UK: 1 in 5 People Sensitive to Everyday Sounds
1 in 5 in UK find everyday sounds intolerable: Study
British Ecological Society Urges Increased Funding for Research
Copper Artifacts Link Southern Africa Cultures
Road Noise Raises Blood Pressure: Study
Telomere Shortening Linked to Alzheimer’s in Brain Scans
UK Adults: 1 in 5 May Have Misophonia, Sensitivity to Sound
Better Food Choices with Animal Welfare Score System
Breast Cancer Risk Similar for Progestogen-Only, Combined Hormonal Contraceptives
Viewing Self-Harm Images Online Harms: Oxford Univ. Study
Dürer Sketch Found at Ashmolean Museum: Exciting Discovery
AI Could Help Find Life on Mars: Study
Genetics of Night Owls Protects Night Shift Workers from Sleep Loss
UK Space Agency Backs Nuclear Power for Moon Expeditions
Queen Mary Honours Vaccine Scientist with Doctor of Science Award
Underwater Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
UK drops in new global ranking for life expectancy
Researchers Launch Long COVID Resource for Patients, Health Carers
Research Finds Genetics Influence Endometriosis Experience
Genetic Study of Endometriosis Yields Clues for Improved Treatment
Panel Appointed to Investigate Custody Deaths
Prostate cancer treatment delay doesn’t raise death risk: trial
Trial Shows Delaying Treatment for Localised Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Increase Mortality Risk
Oxford’s AI Tool Evaluates Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Promising method for finding critical metal deposits
Ancient virus genome drives autism?
Autism linked to ancient virus genome
UK Study Uncovers Ethnic Disparities in Obstetric Anesthesia Care