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Two Worlds, One Material
Companies Offering Shares to Workers Show Sustainability
HKUST: Natural Talent More Valued Than Hard Work in Childhood
Volcanoes Leak Sulfur into Atmosphere Even When Dormant
Oxford Uni Launches Project to Forecast Disease Outbreaks
Perovskite Heterostructures: Construction, Properties & Applications
Researchers use lead recycled from car batteries to make photodetectors
Designing Buildings to Withstand Extreme Stress Loads
HKUST Uncovers Rare Tumor Cell Spies
HKUST, ASTRI Launch Joint PhD Program
Legged robots need more testing before real-world use
New monovalent anion permselective membranes for high-efficient mono-/di-valent anion separation
Artificial intelligence learns to visualize extensive datasets
Lifetime Marriage Reduces Dementia Risk
Probe can measure both cell stiffness and traction, researchers report
Probe measures cell stiffness, traction: Study
FBXC-58 Mediates Dietary Restriction Effects to Aid Healthy Aging in C. elegans
Running to Escape Stress May Lead to Dependence, Not Wellbeing
High- & Low-Dose Exercise Both Beneficial for Knee OA
Kids Quicker at Reading When Given Challenging Tasks
Removing water, stains, contaminants with hydrogel beads
One Degree Can Transform Species
Polymer Increases Perovskite Solar Cell Stability
Scientists Uncover Molecular Mechanism of Microprocessor in Worm
Researchers Create 2D Quantum Light Source from Layered Materials
New Carbon Form Discovered: LOPC
Breathing supercapacitor
Plate Tectonics: 21st Century Perspective
Listening to Earth’s Sounds
Novel Crystalline Carbons Made from Electron Injection
Scientists Uncover Temperature-Dependent Electrocatalyst Formation Process
Electrons Craft Novel Crystalline Carbons
Researchers create optical tractor beam that pulls macroscopic objects
New Carbon Form Found: Long-range Ordered Porous Carbon (LOPC)
Norway’s Gov’t IT: Case Study for Success
New way to assess radiation damage in reactors
Ultra-Thin Vanadium Oxychloride Shows Strong Optical Asymmetry
IOP Publishing Honors Early-Career Quantum Researchers: Nominations Open
Uncovering Heatwaves Endangering Coral Reefs
DNA Unzipping Machine Mechanism Revealed in Joint Study
HKU Biologists Unveil DNA Machine’s Working, May Aid Cancer Therapy
Beam Steering with Liquid Crystal Elastomer Metasurface
Strategy to Boost Impact Resistance at Various Speeds
Researchers Successfully Simulate Topological Phase Transitions
Team stabilizes nickel-rich cathodes for use in long-life lithium-ion batteries
Low Voltage Method for Hydrogen Production via Water Splitting
Researchers Create Hybrid System With Varied Tuning Range
Scientists gain insight into inner workings of nuclei via entanglement