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Researchers Unlock Genomic Secrets of Gutless Deep-sea Tubeworm
Era of single-spin color centers in silicon carbide is approaching
Early-life inflammation induces depression in adolescence
Scientists find new protein conducting piRNA expression
Making Vital Fertilizer Element in More Sustainable Way
Prosperity – Enhancing capacities on financial inclusion through online courses
Rise in Southeast Asia forest clearance increasing greenhouse gases
How robots and brain-computer interfaces could transform stroke patients’ recovery
Self-powered implantable device stimulates fast bone healing, then disappears without a trace
Decoding electron dynamics
Researchers Perform Metabolomic Profiling of Individual Enlarged Lysosomes
Scientists Develop Simple Blood Test for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease
NUST MISIS scientists create unique alloy for air, rail transports
I think so: researchers use phylogenetics to untangle convergent adaptation in birds
Researchers Resolve Magnetic Structures of Different Topological Semimetals
Perovskite memory devices with ultra-fast switching speed
New research into Malaria is next step in helping to eradicate disease
New method using profragrance nanoparticles promises longer-lasting scented products
Topology-Changing Broadband Metamaterials Enabled by Closable Nanotrenches
Beyond mere blueprints: Variable gene expression patterns and type 1 diabetes
HKUST Receives HK$100 Million from Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Structures Uncover Mechanisms of Class C GPCR Dimerization and Activation
Hydrophobic Copper Catalyst to Mitigate Electrolyte Flooding
Researchers 3D print rotating microfilter for lab-on-a-chip applications
Researchers realize unconventional coherent control of solid-state spin qubits
New Mutation Causing Brain Disorder Uncovered
Engineers create a programmable fiber
Researchers Construct Multiplexed Quantum Repeater Based on Absorptive Quantum Memories
Drones deliver blood to prevent maternal death in Botswana
Kangaroo mother care started immediately after birth critical for saving lives, new research shows
Unveiling what governs crystal growth
HKUST’s meta-analysis shows SARS-CoV-2 variants unlikely to affect T cell responses
Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-L Membrane Improves Separation Efficiency of H2/CO2
Evening is best time of day to exercise for glycaemic control, ACU study
HKUST Achieves Outstanding Results in Research Assessment Exercise 2020
How a small fish coped with being isolated from sea
Towards Three-Dimensional Storage Elements with High Data Density
‘Seeing’ previously unseen nano-level glass damage
Researchers Develop Engineered Strain to Optically Control Bacteria’s Movement Behavior
Emergence of a new heteronanostructure library
Preventing climate change with help of circular economy
Advance may enable “2D” transistors for tinier microchip components
Brook lamprey or brown trout soon to be back in our rivers
Research collaboration addresses COVID-19 myths in African communities
Researchers achieve 50dB noiseless at all optical isolation
USTC Realizes Coherent Storage of Light over One-hour
HKUST and TFAHK Partner to Nurture FinTech Talent
How diet controls RNA maturation