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OHSU investigators awarded funding to extend leading-edge research
Hospital Patients At Risk of Antimicrobial Resistance From Hidden Bacteria
PSA Victoria Appoints New President
Harnessing healing power within our cells
Early tastings shorten breastfeeding
New insight may save many hospital patients
Patients’ Bacteria Linked to Hospital Infections
10 Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer
Retraction by Royal AUS College of General Practioners
Gut Bacteria Can Make C. Diff Infections Worse
Dangerous Ally in Guts May Pose Deadly Infection Risk
RACGP: Antibiotic shortage highlights danger of expanding pharmacy powers
Antibiotic Shortage: RACGP Warns of Potential Risk from Pharmacy Expansion
Research Examines Impact of Ending Medicaid Funding for Circumcision
More Precise Treatment
Bladder Bacteria Linked to Recurrent UTIs
Life-threatening infections on rise due to drug-resistant bacteria, new WHO report reveals
Report signals increasing resistance to antibiotics in bacterial infections in humans and need for better data
Estrogen may provide protection against delirium
Should pharmacists be able to prescribe common medicines like antibiotics for UTIs?
Inner North Walk-in Centre reopens its doors
Community pharmacy UTI pilot and repeat contraceptive prescribing win for Victorian patients
RACGP welcomes Victorian GP workforce plan but warns expanding pharmacy scope step in wrong direction
Healthcare access announcement celebrated by pharmacists
Pioneer in detailed diagnostics
Research reveals that superbugs in environment are rarely transmitted to humans
Johns Hopkins Medicine Awarded $10 Million to Optimize Antibiotic Therapy for Bacterial Infections
Equitable access to basic healthcare must be priority for ACT Government
Better access to medicines huge win for NSW patients
NSW latest pharmacy reform to expand community health care
RACGP to NSW Government: Stop this madness before it’s too late
New weapon against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
New Drug Is Found Effective for Treating Complicated Urinary Tract Infections
Is urine sterile? Do urine ‘therapies’ work? Experts debunk common pee myths
Extreme heat exposure increases emergency room visits related to kidney disease
Pharmacy trial dangerous experiment undermining GPs’ valued role
Improving hospital stays and outcomes for older patients with dementia through AI
Scope of practice top of agenda this World Pharmacists Day
New study explains link between diabetes and UTIs
Research explains link between diabetes and UTIs
Scientists discover compound found in trees has potential to kill drug-resistant bacteria
First new treatment in more than 20 years added to PBS for people living with proteinuric chronic kidney disease
We need to change how antibiotics target bugs if we want them to keep working
Research reveals US nursing homes underreport pressure ulcers in federal data
New drug candidate fights off more than 300 antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Emerging from cloak of COVID, and view has never been brighter
New findings may reduce risk of infection for patients with urinary catheters
Hormone replacement therapy doesn’t lead to breast cancer reoccurrence