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New Initiative CANTER Tackles Equine Parasite Resistance in UK
UK Gov Seeks Senior Veterinary Assessor for Efficacy Team
Puff of air could deliver your next vaccine
New Vaccine Delivery Method: Puff of Air
Can insights from soapbark tree change way we make vaccines?
Soapbark Tree Could Revolutionize Vaccine Production
Texas A&M Scientists Make Angelman Syndrome Breakthrough
Osteoarthritis Relief Moves to Clinical Trial
Sea Otters Killed by Unusual Parasite Strain
Unusual Parasite Strain Kills Sea Otters
OncoK9 Performance Matches Clinical Study in Vet Practices
Deadly Risk for Cats: Common Heartworm, Antiparasitic Meds
Better Food Choices with Animal Welfare Score System
Exploring Ancient Manuscripts for Mining DNA Clues
Vet Meds Regs: Focus Sessions Summary Consultation
AWI Biological Defleecing Update
Brain Scan Study: Anxious Dogs Have Different Brains
Tufts Researchers Link Bird Flu to Hundreds of Seal Deaths in 2022
Immune System Fights Bacteria in Intestines
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Saved by Advanced Tech
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Cured with Tech
New AI-Powered Drone Technology Aids Elephant Conservation
Research Reveals Clues to Detecting and Preventing Alzheimer’s
New Zealand should brace for spillover infections from animals after floods
Animal treatment to receive blood and products
Cornell-developed anti-TB compound headed to trials
VMD Online Services Unavailable Fri Night 10 March
DNA Repair Discovery Boosts Biotech: MSU Study
Fewer Bald Eagles Fledged Due to Avian Flu
Fewer Bald Eagle Chicks Due to Avian Flu
How does wildfire smoke impact pregnancy and children?
Mind is Terrible Thing to Waste: Frederick D. Patterson
Innate Lymphoid Cells Protect Against Allergic Asthma
Senior Safety Assessor Permanent Post Recruited
UK Gov Hiring Senior Environmental Safety Assessor (Perm Post)
Cancer Revealed by Microcalcification ‘Fingerprints’
Microcalcification ‘fingerprints’ can yield info about cancer
Rewiring Blood Cells: Creating Sperm Precursors
Mystery of Naked Mole-Rats’ Fertility Solved by Study
Research Unlocks Clues in Naked Mole-Rat Fertility Mystery
Joe Smith Reappointed Chair of Ag Biotech Council of Aus
Breakthrough in Zebrafish May Unlock Stress/Anxiety Disorder Secrets
‘Staggering’ disparities: Homelessness risk varies across race
Canine Distemper Threatens Big Cats in Nepal
Genetic test can detect deadly bleeding disorder in dogs
Genetic Test Detects Deadly Bleeding Disorder in Dogs
VMD, Swissmedic Agree to Collaborate on Vet Med Products
Cockatoos Use Multi-Tool Fishing for Cashews