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Women seeking help for unmet needs often overdue for cervical cancer screenings
Researchers elected to American Society for Clinical Investigation
Graduate student wins NIH fellowship
Overweight or obese COVID-19 patients at risk of more severe disease
Potential ways to improve survival for certain cancer patients who receive fragmented care
Odibo named director of maternal-fetal & ultrasound division in OB-GYN
Jha to develop imaging methods with $1.8M NIH grant
Stanford plant biologists help develop guide for science outreach
How marriage is impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis among African American women
Reagh named APS ‘Rising Star’
Highlands hunt for climate answers
Finding our way
Public health after COVID-19
Chromosome 8 assembly reveals novel genes and disease risks
Study reveals hidden meaning of mountain gorillas’ chest beats
Stroud honored with American Society of Naturalists award
For breastfeeding moms, COVID-19 vaccinations may also protect babies
Sacks named division director in plastic and reconstructive surgery
Implementation science should give higher priority to health equity
New Barrett’s esophagus monitoring method could aid in easier and more precise prognoses
Study predicts which kids hospitalized with RSV likely to worsen
Holmes awarded HHMI fellowship for promising early-career scientists
What happened to a ‘United’ States?
Chemo for glioblastoma may work better in morning than evening
Charles J. Kilo, professor of clinical medicine, 94
Ramani lab awarded grant to update power plants: Washington University
Researchers observe new isotope of fluorine
Rep. Bush to address climate change
An receives grant to study egg consumption
A tale of two forests could reveal path forward for saving endangered lemurs
VP&S, Nursing, and Mailman in Top 5 of New Grad School Rankings
Racial disparities in death rates from chronic diseases show minimal improvement over last two decades
Wagenseil receives grant for aortic aneurysm research
Coastal lupine faces specific extinction threat from climate change
State laws can bolster physical education among children, study finds
Vaccine hesitancy poses threat to efforts to end pandemic
IoPPN Researchers receive Wellcome Trust Awards
Yes, spring flowers are blooming earlier. It might confuse bees
Ancient Megafaunal Mutualisms and Extinctions as Factors in Plant Domestication
Zika virus helps destroy deadly brain cancer in mice
‘Leap forward’ in risk management of rectal cancer
Palghat Ramachandran, professor of engineering, 75
Inflammation and Pressure-Sensing Leads to ‘Feed-Forward’ Loop in Osteoarthritis
Guilak recognized for research in cartilage engineering
FUSIN promising in therapeutic agent delivery to brain tumor
Seeing exponential growth for what it is
ERCOT to blame for Texas blackouts, not renewables or fossil fuels
Mathematician Frankel receives NSF CAREER Award