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Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome
Weedy rice is unintended legacy of Green Revolution
Possible COVID-19 treatment: transfusion of antibodies from recovered patients’ blood
A study reveals diet of fossil primate ‘Theropithecus oswaldi’ found in site of Cueva Victoria
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts
Special Tactics Airman involved in fatal swim training incident identified
Crowdsourced supercomputing project sets sights on coronavirus
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Following Individuals to Key Administration Posts
New Drug Combination Passes Safety Test in Pancreatic Cancer
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to a Key Administration Post
Long-term analysis shows GM cotton no match for insects in India
Facebook project to investigate impact of online intolerance across four countries
WashU Expert: architecture of virus transmission
Birds of a feather not better together
Howard University honors a Maverick
Hot time in city: Urban lizards evolve heat tolerance
Research on soldier ants reveals that evolution can go in reverse
Cancerous tumors, surrounding cells illuminated by new imaging agent
Rice, know thy enemy: NSF grants $2.6M to study weedy invader
Providing Contraceptive Care in Pediatric Emergency Department
Washington University to break ground on major neuroscience research hub
School of Medicine physicians, researchers tackle coronavirus
Birds of a feather better not together
‘Surfing attack’ hacks Siri, Google with ultrasonic waves
UNE well represented at national physical therapy conference
Naked mole rats migrate above ground with no help from moon
WashU Expert: Ingredients for a virus to become a pandemic
Diabetes in mice cured rapidly using human stem cell strategy
Why Zika virus caused most harmful brain damage to Brazilian newborns
Walking wire: Real-time imaging helps reveal active sites of photocatalysts
Adolescent Male Chimps Still Need Their Mamas
Arrokoth close-up reveals how planetary building blocks were constructed
Study: Common bariatric surgeries can double peak blood alcohol levels
Molecular roadmap boosts fight against endometrial cancer
New, Detailed Molecular Roadmap Boosts Fight Against Endometrial Cancer
U.S. President Trump Announces Judicial Nominees and United States Marshal Nominee
Investigational drugs didn’t slow memory loss, cognitive decline
Predicting chaos using aerosols and AI
No clear path for Golden Rice to reach consumers
Collaboration lets researchers ‘read’ proteins for new properties
Being raised by grandparents may increase risk for childhood obesity
Ultra-high energy events key to study of ghost particles
Immune responses to tuberculosis mapped across 3 species
1 in 4 kids who get antibiotics in children’s hospitals are prescribed drugs incorrectly
High-protein diets boost artery-clogging plaque, mouse study shows
WashU Expert: ‘Every application has its vulnerabilities’
Keeping lead out of drinking water when switching disinfectants