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Study finds that climate change could spark next pandemic
HKU Conservation Forensics Lab develops novel environmental DNA monitoring method for identifying rare and endangered fish species
Sale of donkey skins linked to trade in illegal wildlife products
Biodiversity and ecosystem protection highlighted on Mother Earth Day
Modern partnership between countries that share values and objectives
Deportation sends warning to wildlife traffickers
EDNA used to identify endangered fish in wet markets
2022 Sanctuary Award winner announced
UK aid helps to reduce illegal wildlife trade in green corridor between Guatemala and Mexico
Newly described species unable to withstand test of time
Research Confirms Covid Related Coronaviruses in Trade-Confiscated Pangolins in Viet Nam
We want to know where COVID came from
UK urges Guatemala to scale up ambitions and identify solutions to climate change
Harvard Chan research reveals actions to prevent pandemics cost 5% of lives lost every year from emerging infectious diseases
This Year of Tiger, WWF Spotlights Both Progress and Urgency for Tiger Recovery
Snakes alive! Banned invasive reptile seized in Ipswich
Forensic lab aids crack down on illegal wildlife trade in Viet Nam
Five ways to make sustainability resolution
UN report praises UK efforts on wildlife and forest crime
Importing of hunting trophies banned to protect world’s threatened species
Border Force seizes hundreds of endangered species products
Social media firms can tackle wildlife trade
Smuggling bear parts in Australia and NZ
New protection for Queensland coral
Consumer Demand for Elephant Ivory Remains in Decline, WWF’s Fifth Annual Survey in China Finds
Consumer Demand for Elephant Ivory Remains in Decline, Fifth Annual Survey in China Finds
Hidden costs of global illegal wildlife trade
Illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade is affecting all of us – what can we do about it?
Python fine highlights biosecurity risks of keeping animals illegally
Breaking Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Chain
Tech Companies Block More than 11.6 Million Transactions for Endangered Wildlife Online
Analysis of Asian Consumer Data Finds Those with Greater Awareness of Covid Are Less Likely to Buy Wildlife Products
Shocking cruelty exposed on Aussie crocodile farms owned by Hermes
Hong Kong Officially Includes Illegal Wildlife Trade in Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance to Better Curb Smuggling Activities
New report from Harvard and global experts reveals investments in nature needed to stop next pandemic
US’s influence on Australia’s illegal pet trade
G20 Environment Ministers commit to action at G20 in Naples
UK Government seeks views on extending world-leading ivory ban to protect hippos, walruses and narwhals
CBSA seizes eight undeclared firearms, and endangered goods in West Coast & Yukon District
HKU ecologists develop a novel forensic tool for detecting laundering of critically endangered cockatoos
Wildlife trade bans not only option to reduce pandemic risk
New home for chilling seizures of illicit wildlife trade
UK Government sets out commitments to biodiversity and sustainability in G7 Nature Compact
A better understanding of ‘wet markets’ is key to safeguarding human health and biodiversity
Video platforms normalise exotic pets
Consumption of Wildlife Drops Almost 30% Over Links to COVID-19
WWF Applauds New Legislation to Prevent Future Pandemics
Parrot poachers striking while market’s hot