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Gender pay gap nears $1 billion per week
Years of inaction widens gender pay gap
Honouring Swinburne engineers this International Women in Engineering Day
Major parties need to work harder to support women and families: Scorecard
Greens will pay women more to reduce gender pay gap
Remarks to Senate, Women’s Budget Statement
2022-23 Budget boost to support Australian women and girls
Federal Budget is chance to stop widening of gender super gap
Gender super gap for NSW’s mums getting worse while politicians do nothing
Agent of change: Victoria University awarded Employer of Choice for Gender Equality
Are we seeing Great Resignation – or Great Exhaustion?
POLICY LAUNCH: Economic Security for Women
Economic Security for Women
Future Women Leadership Summit
Driving gender equity
WGEA welcomes release of review of Australia’s national gender equality reporting framework
Review of Workplace Gender Equality Act Report
Let nurses lead fight to eliminate gender-based discrimination and violence says ACN on IWD 2022
AIST urges NSW Government to address causes of gender gap
Australia’s new national GPG of 13.8% released; employers urged to take action as IWD approaches
Majority of workplaces not closing gender pay gap
Men twice as likely to be highly paid than women
Indigenous and social justice leaders honoured for their service
Nation’s employers showing government how to bridge gender super gap
Australian employers paying up for mums and dads on parental leave
City of Sydney defies national gender pay gap trend
National Cabinet Statement 10 December
Greens call for increase in WGEA’s powers
ACTU calls on Government to strengthen WGEA
Biased referral patterns show male physicians refer more patients to male surgeons than female surgeons
Catholic Super 50th anniversary – with Jeanette Sands
Australian-first research on Indigenous women’s working lives reveals Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mums and carers most
Review of Workplace Gender Equality Act
Australia last in global gender pay gap reporting scorecard
Industry funds call for federal government to pay superannuation on parental leave payments
International Equal Pay Day: Myth busting gender pay gap in Australia
Equal Pay Day: Looking back, looking forward
SA leads nation with lowest gender pay gap
Investment in community sector will reduce gender pay gap
Gender super gap to span decades
Equal Pay Day, 31 August 2021
Equal Pay Day highlights yawning gap between women and men’s wages
Women risk being left behind in COVID recovery as pay gap widens
Equal Pay Day 2021 is 31 August 2021. Australia’s new national gender pay gap is 14.2%
Study finds women representation on boards affects gender inequality in firms
Budget delivering for Australian women
Federal child care commitment critical to women’s participation in retail workforce
Financial sector fails human rights test