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High cost of cancer care in U.S. doesn’t reduce mortality rates
Overestimating population immunity contributed to U.S. Delta variant surge
Taking dinosaurs’ temperature with new biomarker
For First Time in Two Years, CLEO 2022 Returns to San Jose
COVID vaccines do not impact fertility or pregnancy outcomes, study shows
Omicron variant caused more excess deaths in Massachusetts than Delta
Superconductivity and charge density waves caught intertwining at nanoscale
Arrests Amid Economic Protests in Iran
New research may explain unexpected effects of common painkillers
Böttger Luster: Solving an Artistic Cold Case
Promoting Accountability for War Crimes and Other Atrocities in Ukraine
Jennifer Willcox named Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Governance Officer
Cooling speeds up electrons in bacterial nanowires
When eyes meet, neurons start to fire
Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects
KGS to Explore Climate Change in Kentucky at Annual Seminar
Why bother with subject-verb agreement?
Carbon, Climate Change and Ocean Anoxia in an Ancient Icehouse World
ERC awards five-year grant for research on construction of scientific knowledge
Researchers have formula for getting in flow
Afro-American Cultural Center: 50 years of ‘renaissance and revolution’
New research shows humans possess surprising nutritional intelligence
Interior Department Announces Additional Biden-Harris Appointees
Cells’ “exosomes” may improve delivery of anticancer drugs to tumors
Neural network can read tree heights from satellite images
Genetic analysis provides insights into cause of hydrocephalus, or “water on brain”
Rice lab improves recipe for valuable chemical
Statement on His Intent to Nominate Michael Barr to Serve as Vice Chair for Supervision of Federal Reserve
Graphene-hBN breakthrough to spur new LEDs, quantum computing
Unlocking molecular mechanism of PTSD treatment
From dawn of universe
One step closer to creating new hair follicles
Cell-derived therapy may help repair abnormal heart rhythm
Scientists uncover key regulator of body weight
Study measuring infrastructure inequity addresses disparities in growing cities
Study finds persistent racial and ethnic disparities in sleep duration
New evidence suggests California’s environmental policies preferentially protect whites
Immune system culprit in severe COVID cases found
CUORE team places new limits on bizarre behavior of neutrinos
Bringing together next generation of quantum coders
Cities can be part of solution in sustaining species
Look into magnetic future
Synthetic key unlocks hidden biology treasure chest
NYU Physicist to Lead Project that Aims to Enhance Quantum Computing
Integrated effort needed to mitigate fracking while protecting both humans and environment
Eight writers awarded Yale’s Windham-Campbell Prizes
New director of Susan B. Anthony Institute reflects on her background and plans
UConn School of Nursing Master’s and DNP Programs Among Top 5 in New England