Teen girl smashes head into rocks as bungee jump goes horrifically wrong in this footage

WARNING: CONTAINS DISTRESSING IMAGES. The girl hits the rocks like a rag doll in shocking clip

This shocking footage captured the moment a teenage girl plunged off a cliff-top platform before slamming into rocks like a rag doll as her bungee jump went badly wrong.

The 19-year-old called Maryana was strapped up to a bungee cord and leapt into the valley below, but as the clip shows she did not bounce back upwards and was left to swing towards the sheer drop of the opposite side.

The incident took place at a marble quarry close to the city of Murmansk in north western Russia was caught on video.

As the footage shows the bungee cord is attached to another line across a gorge so that jumpers cross from side-to-side while simultaneously bouncing up-and-down.

Maryana’s jump seems to be going to plan as she plunges towards the river below before being pulled back up by the cord at the last second.

But then she shoots across the gorge too fast and slams into the rocks on the other side.

She lands feet first at speed before being thrown like a rag doll headfirst into a rock face, hurting her head and legs.

Her shocked friends can be heard on the video asking: “Has she hurt herself? How did it happen? How is this possible?”

Fortunately, Maryana’s crash helmet saved her from suffering serious injuries but she had to be rushed to hospital.

Doctors said she had suffered only minor injuries but she is currently on sick leave from work.