The 1st International Spring Festival Gala of Chifeng People was Held in Australia

On January 12, 2019, the 4th Spring Festival Gala of Chifeng People Around the World, also its 1st international edition, was successfully held on a cruise ship in Darling Harbor, Sydney, gathering hundreds of artists from China, Australia, the United States and other countries.

The 1st International Spring Festival Gala of Chifeng People was Held in Australia

Performers at the event included world famous Morin Khuur master performer Qibaoligao, renowned singer Siqingerile, Long Mei, Haot, Soniya Chong, Miss World Kong Jing, Chinese cross-talk performance champion Lu Xin and Yuhao, Banhu fiddle performer Li Yachun, Australian food carving contest champion Yan Fen, Australian International Cultural Exchange Association Azi Dance Group, Australian singers Erin Ccornell, Toby Francis, as well as Australian Aboriginal artists and models, presenting a wonderful show of the grassland culture, peace and friendship to the audiences, while the luxury cruise and the world-famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge intertwined with each other, creating a very beautiful scenery.

Mr. Fu Qiang, general director of the event, said that the gala was sponsored by more than 20 organizations including the Chifeng Enterprise Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China. Concurrently with the event, also taking place in Sydney were an exhibition of Chifeng’s top ten calligraphers and a conference promoting Chifeng’s tourism resources.

Chifeng People Around the World, a TV series produced by Mr. Fu Qiang, a former veteran reporter at CCTV, the state-owned national TV station in China, has been airing for 15 years and become a platform connecting elites of Chifeng around the world. Its Spring Festival Gala, which is entirely run on private donations, has become a famous cultural brand in Inner Mongolia of China.

Inner Mongolia and Australia, despite being in different hemispheres, share similarities in terms of culture, since they are both covered by large areas of grasslands. This similarity is the why these two regions’ communication of ideas carries great significance. Fu Qiang hopes that the gala will provide an opportunity to deepen the friendship between Chinese and Australian peoples, and lead to more economic and trade exchanges, as well as more tourism activities between Australia and the Inner Mongolia.

Source:Chifeng People Around the World

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