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AMA recognises Professor Nick Talley’s Gold Medal performance
Cooking with coal or wood associated with increased risk of major eye diseases
Researchers Reveal Molecular Mechanism of Ruthenium Complex Induced DNA Phase Separation
Researchers Construct Lab-made ‘Cells’ with Organelles to Mimic Cellular Signaling
Window to Mind: Pupils Mirror Perception of Social Interaction
HKUMed researchers reveal benefits of Tai Chi in reducing central obesity
Scientists provide molecular insights into primate hippocampal aging
ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR1 Regulates Flowering in Arabidopsis
High-performance Perovskite Solar Cell Achieved by Combining Chemical and Energetic Passivation
Chinese Astronomers Develop Model to Help Ultralong-wavelength Observations
Researchers Discover Structural Basis of Antidepressant Ketamine Action on Human NMDA Receptors
Scientists Uncover Self-other Moral Bias at Conceptual Level
Single-phase Covalent Organic Frameworks Membranes Make CO2-selective Separation Possible
Rainfall Becomes Increasingly Variable as Climate Warms
Plant Response to Sulfur Amendment Highly Depends on Various Factors
FACT SHEET: Historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal
June air travel recovery continues to disappoint
China’s Digital Mental Health Services Outpacing Regulation
Oxygen-vacancy-mediated Catalysis Boosts Direct Methanation of Biomass
Distinctive gut microbiome unrelated to diet may characterise children with autism
People Have Poor Self-awareness for Highly-practiced Motor Skill, Scientists Say
Scientists Unveil Potential Dependence in Nitric Oxide Electroreduction to Ammonia
LUMS study simplifies Treasury security issuance process
Wageline launches Employment Rights in WA community education campaign
HKU FinTech Indices reveal businesses’ optimism on post-pandemic performance amid uncertainty on regulations and investment
Lack of species depth threatens mangroves
Outstanding sites added to UNESCO World Heritage List
Marine ecologists reveal mangroves might be threatened by low functional diversity of invertebrates
Exosome formulation developed to deliver antibodies for choroidal neovascularization therapy
NSW latest public health alert – venues of concern 26 July
How Secondary Electron Emission Yield Properties Affect Atomic Layer Deposition-coated Microchannel Plate?
Research Reveals Advantage of 2D Metal-organic Framework Nanosheets in Sensing Applications
Twin win at Google’s Waymo autonomous driving competition
Novel High-performance Magnets Developed in High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Hefei
Cultural sites in China, India, Iran and Spain inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List
China’s carbon-monitoring satellite reports global carbon net of six gigatons
Water-related hazards dominate disasters in past 50 years
Water-Related Hazards Dominate List of 10 Most Destructive Disasters
Training Next Generation of ‘CyberCops’
Cardio-cerebrovascular disease history complicates hematopoietic cell transplant outcomes
Novel SERS Strategy Developed for Beta-galactosidase Activity Assay
Exploiting Softness: Novel Strategy for Lymph Node Delivery of Vaccines
Ethnobotanical Survey Conducted in Tampolo Forest of Northeastern Madagascar
Microstructure Morphology Fine-tuning of Active Layer Film Boosts Organic Solar Cell Efficiency
Forum held on Urban Energy Internet Development and Cooperation Under Goal of Achieving Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon
Insight – Korean battery manufacturers’ rapid growth presents opportunities for Australian critical minerals
Zero-dimensional molecular sieve membranes enhance gas separation selectivity
Lambda variant: is it more infectious, and can it escape vaccines?