The biscuit loving capital of the UK has been revealed – is it your town?

Nationally, 93 % of us can’t resist eating a biscuit every day with sales reaching £1.8billion last year

Manchester is the biscuit crunching capital of Britain.

New research revealed 96 % of people from the north-west city cannot resist a daily biscuit.

It compares to 93% of people across the country who munch a biscuit every day.

Biscuit sales reached a record £1.8 billion last year as Brits ate 420,000 tonnes of their favourites, said analysts Mintel.

The research among 1,500 people found coffee has taken over from tea as the favourite accompaniment to a biscuit, with 33 % of coffee lovers saying a biscuit boosts their drink, compared to 32 %of tea drinkers .

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Chocolate chip cookies
Coffee has taken over from tea as the drink people like to have with their biscuits

Mintel said a higher proportion of people are eating biscuits at least once a week, but many weight-watching adults see them as ‘permissable treats’ and limit themselves to fewer biscuits on each occasion.

Overall sweet biscuits continue to triumph as Britain’s favourite, with 93 per cent of Brits eating them regularly, compared to 77% who have eaten savoury.

It’s a British tradition that shows no signs of dying out as younger Brits are the most likely to have eaten biscuits, with 95 % doing so compared to 90 % of the over 55s.

Cityscape view of Manchester, England
Manchester has been named as the biscuit capital of the country

While folk in the north-west are the biggest biscuit eaters, those least likely to indulge are in Yorkshire, followed by the East Midlands and the south-west.

By region – Across the country it is the North West that has the greatest love of chocolate biscuits – 88% having eaten chocolate biscuit bars in the past three months, compared to an average of 81%.

And when it comes to watching their waistlines, the West Midlands are leading the way with 55% eating “light” or low-fat sweet biscuits or biscuit bars in the past three months, compared to half of Brits on average.

Biscuits popularity is showing no sign of waning

And it is those living in the East Midlands reaching for the biscuits in the morning, with 52% eating breakfast biscuits in the past three months compared to an average of 47%.

Richard Caines, senior food analyst at Mintel, said: “While the majority of people are concerned about sugar, Brits still love a biscuit treat and sales of biscuits are holding up well.

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    “With consumers likely to become more focused on portion control due to concerns about sugar though, smaller-sized convenience products and mini packs that also cater better for on-the-go snacking are likely to become more important.

    “More than nine in 10 people eat sweet biscuits, with no sign of people cutting back over concerns about sugar.

    “In fact, eating biscuits at least once a week has increased for both regular sweet biscuits and regular chocolate biscuit bars, highlighting their strong appeal as a permissible treat.”

    (Source: Mirror)