Traffic and Highway Patrol Command focus on pedestrian safety in Sydney’s CBD

Traffic and Highway Patrol’s Motorcycle Response Team (MRT) has stopped a number of pedestrians and breath-tested drivers as part of a safety operation in Sydney’s CBD yesterday.

Operation Franklin, conducted at several intersections in Sydney’s CBD on Thursday yesterday, aimed at improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

The operations saw officers issue 188 infringements for pedestrian offences and 1,065 traffic infringements.

Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said the MRT’s focus was on pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists looking out for each other.

“Operation Franklin is about educating pedestrians and other road users on better decision making in the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“With 40 pedestrians having lost their lives on our roads, which is nine more than this time last year, these operations are an important tool in changing pedestrian behaviour,” he said, NSW Police say.

“Police are always concerned for the public’s safety, including pedestrians, who are among the most vulnerable on the road. It is because of that concern that we often have operations targeting illegal street crossings.

“This dangerous habit puts pedestrians at risk and we will continue to run operations aimed at educating the public and raising awareness. Tragically far too many people die because they are not observing basic rules when crossing the roads.

“Adults need to set an example for children, who are impulsive and have little or no sense of danger. They’re also smaller and may not be able to see over parked vehicles. Teach them to be aware and set a good example,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.