Two planes collide in Turkey airport

An investigation was launched last night after two planes were involved in a collision at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Turkey.

According to airport officials, passengers of Pegasus Airlines aircraft Boeing B737-800 on flight PC4876 from Istanbul to a resort city of Bodrum in the southwestern Aegean Region were evacuated after their plane bumped into a private jet.

The incident occurred close to the entrance to runway – well away from the passenger terminal -shortly after 6PM while the Turkish low-cost airline’s Boeing was taxiing in a queue for take-off.

According to reports, Boeing hit the other plane from behind, causing “severe damage” to the small aircraft waiting in a queue ahead.

There were no reports of any injuries and passengers were safely evacuated to the terminal before boarding on replacement aircraft two hours later. Emergency services attended the scene of the collision as a precaution before re-opening the area for flights.

According to data from Flight Radar 24, a website that tracks flights around the world, the aircraft scheduled for 6.15PM local time took off at 9:59 PM and landed at 10:57 PM.

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