UK still digesting shock EU referendum result

Now that the dust has settled after Britain’s shock decision to leave the European Union, people in the UK are reflecting on their choice and taking to Twitter to sum up Brexit succinctly in five words.

While some voters appear to be suffering from morning-after Brexit regret, others are standing their ground. Many are predicting doom and gloom, though, and focusing on who to blame.

Of course what better way to express this range of emotions and round up the Brexit campaign in five words than with the help of some playful memes?

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Some voters admitted to feeling like they had woken up with a bad hangover thinking ‘what have I done’, while others apparently felt duped and angry with ‘leave’ campaigners by focusing on the campaign’s controversial bus advertisements.

Others drew attention to the rush to Google ‘What is the EU?’ or how to move to alternative English-speaking countries in the wake of the result confirmation.

A petition to parliament to hold a second referendum on the issue has now gained over 1.7 million signatures. Many ‘leave’ voters, however are sticking to their guns despite being blasted online for their ‘ignorance’ and ‘dividing the nation’, pointing out that the question was put to the people.