VivaCell-MTS now enables deactivating Internet roaming

VivaCell-MTS on Thursday, May 5 unveiled the service Deactivation of Internet Roaming, enabling subscribers to control communication expenses while in roaming, especially those connected with unwanted Internet usage when a smartphone makes automatic updates.

By activating the service, you switch off the Internet roaming and continue using voice and SMS roaming services.

To activate the service, you should dial *115*1#.

“Easily accessible and free-of-charge service activation and deactivation features are as important as having the best geographical coverage, high quality and affordability of services that make VivaCell-MTS the choice of more than 2 million subscriber,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

To deactivate the service and reactivate the option of using Internet when in roaming, you should dial *115*0#.