Wednesday Lotto Jackpot Goes Unclaimed

The Division One prize in Wednesday Lotto draw no. 4305, conducted on 19 July 2023, has gone unclaimed. The jackpot was set at $1,000,000 and was guaranteed for up to four winners, but unfortunately, no participants secured the top prize.

The winning numbers drawn were 35, 19, 43, 15, 20, and 18, with supplementary numbers 45 and 28.

Despite the absence of a Division One winner, the game still saw many lucky participants taking home significant prizes. The Division Two prize was claimed by 11 winners, each of whom walked away with a substantial $5,897.85 from a total Division Two pool of $64,876.35.

The winning trend continued in the lower divisions with 172 players claiming the Division Three prize of $583.75 each. In Division Four, 9,938 players won a prize of $28.75 each, amounting to a total Division Four prize pool of $285,717.50.

Divisions Five and Six were also bountiful, with 25,023 and 48,342 winners respectively, each earning $16.25 and $14.20. The total prize pool for these two divisions amounted to $1,093,080.15.

In all, the total prize pool across Divisions Two to Six reached an impressive $1,544,679.84, spreading joy among a multitude of lottery participants.

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