Will Hodgman risking 500 jobs through hands off approach to hydrogen

  • Will Hodgman oblivious to hydrogen opportunity
  • 500 regional jobs being squandered by the Government
  • Hydrogen critical to northern Tasmania
  • Will Hodgman is jeopardising the creation of 500 jobs by failing to guarantee Tasmania will be part of the National Hydrogen Strategy which is due to be released by the end of the year.

    Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, said Will Hodgman seemed oblivious to the opportunity to create a hydrogen industry in the Tamar Valley.

    “It’s estimated that a hydrogen plant, converting renewable energy into hydrogen for export, would support the creation of 500 jobs in northern Tasmania,” Mr O’Byrne said.

    “These are renewable and skilled jobs that are being squandered by the Hodgman Minority Government because it doesn’t have the vision or passion to make this potential $10 billion industry a reality for Tasmania.

    “The Finkle Report comes out later this year which will map where the investment dollars go, but they are only going to go to the jurisdictions that have done the work.

    “Will Hodgman’s hands off approach is putting this critical opportunity at risk along with the potential to create new jobs in regional Tasmania.”

    David O’Byrne MP

    Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure

    3 September 2019