Xbox One to get its own torrent app

– Xbox One is about to get its very own torrent app, Digital Spy said.

It’s all possible thanks to the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will introduce a Universal Windows Platform that unifies Xbox One and Windows 10 apps and storefronts.

Available for $9.09 from the Microsoft App Store, Torrex Pro is a BitTorrent client with the ability to stream video and audio playback.

The application lets users download torrents and view media content using the built-in media player, even if it’s not fully downloaded.

Torrex Pro is preparing for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update by releasing a cross-compatibility update of its own. It also gets things ready for Windows 10 Mobile and bizarrely, HoloLens.

It’s unclear if users will be able to enjoy the full extent of the app, but as Wired points out, it could work as an alternative media player.

“Hopefully we’ll find out more about the upcoming Xbox One update during Microsoft’s E3 showcase.

Microsoft’s conference will take place on June 13 at 9.30am local time.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is remaining tight-lipped about what we can expect from the conference, although the company did previously confirm plans to talk about a new Forza game,” Digital Spy said.