Zero road trauma is answer this Easter


While the Easter holidays are looking a little different this year, keeping roads safe will always be a priority for the City of Swan.

The City is proud to support the WALGA Roadwise Blessing of the Roads campaign and is asking the community to take part and accept road trauma is preventable.

The annual state-wide campaign encourages a ‘zero-focussed’ vision where communities work together to prevent road trauma.

Its aim is to raise awareness for road safety, and ultimately reduce crashes resulting in death or serious injury to zero.

While people may not be taking road trips for the holidays this year, many are still driving to and from work and other essential services.

If you find yourself fatigued or easily distracted in these stressful, unprecedented times, here are some helpful reminders to stay safe behind the wheel:

  • Ensure you are getting plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel. Fatigue can slow your reactions and decrease your alertness on the roads. The Road Safety Commission recommends having 7.5 hours or more sleep per night to avoid fatigued driving.
  • Avoid all distractions, including mobile phones. While we are relying on technology and social media right now to stay connected, using your mobile phone will driving is extremely dangerous. According to Road Safety Commission, if you glance away from the road while driving for just two seconds, you are driving blind for 33 metres.
  • Always abide by speed limits. It’s simple physics, the faster you travel the longer it takes to stop. When you’re driving, don’t let you mind wander. Always make sure you are paying attention to your surroundings, the weather and the road conditions.

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