Powerball Swells to $40M As Two Share Div 2 Pool

Disappointment filled the air for Powerball hopefuls tonight as no punter matched all the required numbers in draw 1465 with the Division One pool jackpoting to a staggering $40 million for the next draw.

The winning numbers for this draw were 9, 6, 2, 26, 25, 32, and 17, with the Powerball number being 4.

The total prize pool for all divisions was $40,792,320.04 (with half of it for the unwon Division One), with thousands of players sharing in the winnings across the various prize tiers.

The absence of a Division One winner has set the stage for a highly anticipated draw next week, with the jackpot now standing at a staggering $40 million.

For a detailed breakdown of all winners and prize amounts, please see the table below:

DivDivision PrizeDivision Prize PoolWinners
1JackpottedJackpotted to draw 14660

The excitement continues to build as the jackpot climbs to $40 million for the upcoming draw.