2 killed, 11 wounded after gunman fires into concert crowd in Austria

A gunman fired shots early Sunday into a small crowd attending an open air concert in Austria’s westernmost province, killing two people and wounding 11 others before shooting himself to death, police said, AP reported.

Police said the overnight shooting was preceded by a loud argument between the gunman and a woman in a nearby parking lot. The man then fetched a gun out of his car, left the parking lot, went to the concert venue and started shooting into the crowd of about 150 people, apparently at random.

They said he shot himself after returning to the parking lot.

The shooting was near Nenzing, a town in Voralberg province about 40 kilometers (24 miles) east of Austria’s border to Liechtenstein.

State broadcaster ORF said it occurred on property used by a motorcycle club, and the man apparently used a rifle or similar long weapon.

Local media quoted rescue workers as saying some of the surviving victims were in serious condition. Police spokeswoman Susanne Dilp described their wounds as “very diverse.”

No other details were available, as police continued their investigation at the scene.