$70 million for residential eating disorders treatment centres across Australia

The Liberal National Government is providing $70.2 million to establish six residential eating disorders centres and provide national coordination for eating disorders treatment.

There are around 1 million Australians living with an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are extremely complex illnesses, and have one of the highest mortality rates of any psychiatric illness – with anorexia by far the deadliest mental health condition in Australia.

Treatment requires intensive wrap-around support. Residential centres are essential to deliver this care.

    • $63 million will fund six centres across Australia. New centres in WA and the ACT have already been announced.
    • $3.6 million of the funding will go to the Butterfly Foundation to help establish and guide the establishment of the centres to ensure these centres will provide specialist care to hundreds of people experiencing eating disorders, through in-patient best practice treatment programs.
    • Funding of $3.6 million will enable the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) to continue provide national leadership for eating disorders, and to ensure appropriate resources and other materials are available to support those impacted by an eating disorder and their families.

Eating disorders can be debilitating for both men and women of any age. Many suffer in silence with only 25 per cent of people with eating disorders are thought to be diagnosed.

They will advance the way eating disorders are diagnosed and treated, providing 24/7 intensive
care and support, as well as training, education and advocacy.

The Morrison Government has taken a lead on addressing this mental health disorder.

This build on the historic $110 million investment to introduce new MBS items for eating disorders, announced in December 2018.

This will allow people with anorexia nervosa and other severe psychological eating disorders to be able to access a Medicare rebate of up to 40 psychological and 20 dietetic services per year, depending on their needs.

The Morrison Government has been the first to recognise and address the devastating impact of eating disorders.

In addition to the provision of new Medicare services, we have funded a national helpline, ED Hope; provided $3.2 million for a trial of coordinated care on the Sunshine Coast; committed $1.5 million for the establishment of EndED Butterfly House in the Mooloolah Valley; provided $4 million for InsideOut Institute to translate evidence-based research into clinical practice for people with eating disorders; and prioritised eating disorder research in the $125 million Million Minds Mission.

The Morrison Government has made mental health one of its main priorities and has dramatically boosted funding to protect and maintain the mental wellbeing of all Australians.

In 2018-19, an estimated $4.7 billion was spent on mental health services including Primary Health Networks, MBS services, PBS prescriptions, contributions to public hospital funding and Private Health Insurance rebates.

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