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New tool developed by WVU researchers makes it easier to identify pregnant patients with eating disorders
An rise in adolescent mental health crises and suicidality
Study links Muscle-building to weapon carrying and physical fighting
Milestone agreement expands mental health services in Tasmania
Bilateral Agreement for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention signed
Nib: Mental health vs mental illness
Mental health first aid courses for young adults
FSU neuroscientist awarded $1.8M NIH grant to study brain’s influence on eating habits
Delivering Critical Health Care For Ballarat Patients
NSW latest $460 million overhaul of mental health care in Western Sydney
New $252 million reform package to improve WA emergency care
Researcher looks into little known ‘purging disorder’
Proclamation on National Mental Health Awareness Month, 2022
Australian and Tasmanian Liberal Government’s working together to invest in better access to healthcare
Creative Arts researcher honours legacy of Princess
Impact of Covid pandemic on mental health visits in pediatric primary care
For young adults, mindfulness habits for life and promise of better mental, physical health
3 reasons your teenager might skip breakfast – don’t fuss but do encourage a healthy start
Suicide prevention, mental health programs boosted by $3.9m fund
NSW new first state-wide residential eating disorder treatment centre to be built in Newcastle
Selfies may drive plastic surgery by distorting facial features
UCSF Expands Full-Service Children’s Health Care in Walnut Creek
Researchers identify neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy
Rising parental expectations linked to perfectionism in college students
More support for Australians with eating disorders
Smart eating disorder options
$38 million to boost mental health services in ACT
Researchers explore therapeutic uses of ketamine
World-first online safety laws introduced in Parliament
Compulsive exercise is socially acceptable prison cell
USC experts discover brain differences in young children with binge eating disorder
Eating disorders in elite athletes pose ‘unique complexities’ in care
FSU psychologist receives 1.8M NIH grant to study eating disorders, obesity
College of Education researcher: Rethink focus on weight
New plans to protect people from anonymous trolls online
Scientists call for patient-centered approach to treating obesity
Recognizing signs of mental health issues and eating disorders in children and adolescents
Eating disorders linked to diabetic eye issues
What families need to know about signs and symptoms of eating disorders
Progress on ACT’s residential eating disorder facility
Proclamation on National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 2022
Plus-Size Model Credits OnlyFans with Boosting Body Confidence
Supporting child with an eating disorder: clinical academic’s perspective
Autism is still underdiagnosed in girls and women
Eating disorders potentially hiding autism diagnosis
Proclamation on National Teen Dating Violence Awareness And Prevention Month, 2022
Casey’s 2022 Citizens of Year announced
2022 Boroondara Citizen and Young Citizens of Year announced