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£3.8m bid to ease despair of eating disorders
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Researchers develop world-first weight loss device
Perfectionists more likely to suffer from body dissatisfaction
Study shows brain differences in interpreting physical signals in mental health disorders
Beyond Blue welcomes Victorian Government investment in mental health during COVID
Delivering Mental Health Support Victorians Deserve
Weight teasing is a risk factor for disordered eating in young people across demographic groups
Breakthrough study shows defining traits are forged moment we’re born
Urgent support needed for eating disorder services
What causes dry lips, and how can you treat them?
Dietitians want more training to help those with eating disorders
Alarming number of preteens and teens are suffering from mental health issues
Can women curate their social media feed to protect mental health?
Using diet pills and laxatives for weight control linked to future diagnosis of an eating disorder
Morrison Government supporting young Australians
QIMR Berghofer geneticist named in world’s top 100 highly cited researchers
Childhood abdominal pain may be linked to disordered eating in teenagers
Budget leaves Australians hungry for change
Mental Health funding welcomed
Boosting body heat production: a new approach for treating o
Top 3 questions – Mental illness, eating disorders and mental health discrimination
$354 million to support health and wellbeing of Australia’s women
How Australian gymnastics needs to reform in wake of damning report
Commission launches final report of Independent Review of Gymnastics in Australia
Overcontrol is common with eating disorders
Scientists find new point of access for targeting eating disorders and obesity
New Zealanders struggle to get help they need, 2 years on from a funding boost for mental health services
Stress does not lead to loss of self-control in eating disorders, study finds
How Eating Competence and Intuitive Eating Can Improve Your Relationship with Food
Now is moment to listen to young people
Lockdown impact on wellbeing lingers one year on
Study exposes muscle mania stronghold on Australian young people
$15 million for development of innovative therapies for mental illness
Providing best mental health care for young Tasmanians
Warning over effects of pandemic on young people’s mental health
Lockdowns linked to rise in eating disorder symptoms
Impact of ultra-thin dolls on girls’ body image
Pandemic restrictions aggravating known triggers for self-harm and poor mental health
New Action Group to boost mental health education
New Brain Sensor Offers Answers About Alzheimer’s
£79 million to boost mental health support for children and young people
Deciphering genetics behind eating disorders
New study to investigate mental health of children exposed to domestic violence