Albanese evasive on election ‘vested interests’

Australian Conservatives Release

Anthony Albanese has refused to clarify who or what “vested interests” he believes played a role in Labor’s bruising federal election defeat two weeks ago. When pushed on what mystery figures he was alluding to, the Opposition Leader said: “I think you know what I mean … people who don’t support the Labor Party.”

The Conservative Party called out Shorten’s policy shortcomings from day one, calling for even deeper tax cuts than the Coalition is delivering, smaller government, and exposing climate alarmism for the socialist cult that it is. The “vested interests” that rejected Labor’s class warfare and identity politics were simply common sense Australians.

The Australian reports, Albanese’s remarks at a fiery press conference yesterday came after he agreed with Bill Shorten last week that “vested interests” had influenced the dire election result.

Mr Albanese conceded that trade unions had a vested interest in the May 18 poll, and campaigned accordingly.

“Everyone has a vested interest in the election result and they campaign accordingly. But I haven’t shied from the outcome. We lost the election. We got the votes of one in three Australians. And we need to do much better,” he said.

His predecessor, Mr Shorten , was the first to shift the blame to “vested interests” , such as “corporate leviathans” and billionaire Clive Palmer, for the party’s failure to win over voters.

Addressing his colleagues after losing what many thought was the unlosable election,

Mr Shorten told the Labor caucus that opposition from sections of the media and corporate Australia were responsible for the party’s loss.

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