Associaton of independent schools of NSW congratulates Coalition government on its win

The Association of Independent Schools of NSW congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Government on their success in the Federal Election.

AISNSW Chief Executive Dr Geoff Newcombe AM said independent schools across the state welcome the third consecutive term of government for the Coalition to ensure both stability in education policy and stability in the funding of non-government schools.

“The election outcome provides assurance that the hard work over the past three years between the Federal Government and the NSW independent schools sector to establish long-term federal recurrent funding arrangements under the National School Reform Agreement will be finalised.

“The independent schools sector is pleased that these arrangements will continue to provide choice of schooling to parents and enable independent schools to continue to offer high quality education to students in NSW.”

Dr Newcombe said he is confident that the issue of religious freedom in schools, which has been unresolved in the lead up to the election, will be protected by the Morrison Government.

“The Government’s respectful recognition of the importance of religious freedom in our schools, 70 per cent of which are faith based in NSW, means schools can continue to offer parents an environment where the ethos and mission of school and family are aligned.”

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