Australian Sikh Association penrith plagued with membership fee scandal


Ajit Singh Sandhu is a liar? He clearly lied in Gurdwara on 17 Nov 2019 when he said to Tirath “You are not a member”.

Tirath Singh said

“I paid $1100 membership fee. I asked Malkiat Singh to admit it in writing. After great reluctance Malkeet Singh Admitted that $1100 payment is in the records of Gurduwara in Building Fund Account”.

On 17 Nov 2019 Ajit singh Sandhu told Tirath “I am a committee member”. And it turned out to be another Lie. All you need to do to uncover this lie is internet and browser. ACNC website shows AJIT SINGH SANDHU has no role in management committee. Inderpal Singh, Preet Singh Dhaliwal, Balbir Singh and Harminder Singh Gill (Raju) were present in support of Ajit Singh Sandhu. The list of people involved in this scandal is growing sentiments of sikh community at large are hurting.

On 7 Nov 2019 Preet Singh Dhaliwal issued banning notice to ban Tirath Singh from attending place of worship known as Penrith Gurduwara Sahib. Tirath Singh said “This is a form of harassment to stop me asking questions for which they don’t have answers. Banning notice is not only against constitution of association but also against sikh code of conduct . Gurduwara is a place of worship and open to people of all religions, castes, rich and poor. Only condition of entry to Gurduwara is person cover his head, remove his shoes and should not have in possession any cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. These conditions have been set by our Gurus and only some ignorant can think of changing them.”

From a community point of view it is important to clarify public at large if this is a private property or Sikh Gurduwara. Because people have a right to know if they are donating to beneficiary of trusts(private individuals) or to Gurduwara. If it is Gurduwara than Sikh Code of Conduct (Rehat Maryada) must be implemented without any exception. Sikh Mission Centre Austral after raising loads of cash in donations over years implemented policy of selective entry to members and their invitees. Clearly the process of transition from Gurduwara to private property has started. ACNC, Tax office or state authority Fair Trading must investigate and lawmakers should plug loopholes around religious places charity. Acts of few hurt religious sentiments of many.

Sikh Association of Australia Inc which is procedural dysfunctional organisation with not a hint of transparency and zero accountability. It appears all that matters for everyone involved is money coming in Golak and growing value of property. Mr Tirath Singh said “Not a single member have been given membership number. WHY?”

15-27 Blaike Rd Penrith is it Gurduwara Sahib or Private property. Some one has to answer to people at large.

How you can get involved and support :

You can email a copy of this press release to your local MP and ask to improve legislation around religious charities to following

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