Backgounder – Canada announces funding for women’s organizations in Manitoba

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Department for Women and Gender Equality – Women’s Program

One of the ways the Department for Women and Gender Equality advances gender equality in Canada is by providing funding to eligible organizations through the Women’s Program. Projects are selected via calls for proposals on specific themes, as well as through a continuous intake process that allows the Women’s Program to address emerging issues as they arise.

The Women’s Program funds projects that address systemic barriers to women’s equality in three priority areas: ending violence against women and girls; improving the economic security and prosperity of women and girls; and encouraging women and girls in leadership roles.

Capacity-building Call for Proposals

In October 2018, Minister Monsef announced a Call for Proposals under the Capacity-building Fund of the Women’s Program. Projects at the local, provincial, and national level were eligible for different amounts of funding, based on their specific need and reach.

On March 8, 2019, International Women’s Day, Minister Monsef announced that over 250 women’s organizations across the country would receive funding from the Capacity-building Fund.

The objective is to fund proposals that will increase the capacity of eligible women’s organizations and Indigenous organizations serving women, whose initiatives contribute to a viable women’s movement in Canada that advances gender equality. Funding will increase the ability of organizations to grow, meet the increasing demands for their services, and continue to work collectively to address gender equality issues. The fund stems from the Budget 2018 announcement of $100 million over five years to help support a viable and sustainable women’s movement across Canada.

Manitoba Projects

Today’s announcement in Winnipeg, Manitoba, profiled the 11 projects that were selected for federal funding through the Capacity-building Fund:

Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute Inc.

Project title: Family Violence Support Program

Funding amount: $250,000

Certain barriers hinder immigrant and refugee women from accessing available programs and resources. Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute Inc. (CMWI) will undertake research, and develop, and deliver culturally appropriate programs in their clients’ first language, focusing on ending violence against immigrant and refugee women.

CMWI is a non-profit refugee and newcomer support organization founded in 2006. CMWI is dedicated to the social, economic, and spiritual needs of newcomer women and their families.

“Racialized women who are newcomers to Canada face a unique set of challenges. This funding from the Government of Canada will assist us in scaling up, and addressing more of these challenges for more Canadian Muslim women and their families than ever before.”

Humaira Jaleel, Chief Operations Officer

Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute Inc.

Infinity Women Secretariat Inc.

Project title: Enhancing Governance & Advocacy Capacity in IWS

Funding amount: $650,000

The Infinity Women Secretariat Inc. (IWS) will improve its governance and advocacy capacity to offer expanded services, and promote and advance the equality of Métis women in their social and political life. It will deliver onsite and online sessions to the IWS’ board, regional and local representatives and members, and potential workforces. This will address IWS organizational sustainability by improving its short- and long-term governance capacity. It will also offer a series of public advocacy activities to increase the awareness of equality and the need for enhanced participation of Métis women in governance.

IWS seeks to promote, empower and enhance the social, cultural, and economic well-being of Métis women.

“Emboldened with this investment from the federal government, we look forward to elevating our organizational sustainability and improving not only the short-term but also more importantly our long-term governance capacity; and ensuring the business development success of more Manitoba Métis women than ever before.”

Anita Campbell, Spokeswoman

Infinity Women Secretariat Inc.

Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.

Project title: Gender Equality in Indigenous Workplace Culture

Funding amount: $242,394

Based in Winnipeg, Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. will strengthen internal organizational effectiveness by enhancing its core capacities to imbed Gender-based Analysis in its internal operations ensuring its work with Indigenous women and girls is both gender-sensitive and trauma-informed. It will revamp its policy and procedures manual, develop a recruitment and retention strategy, review program intake and assessment forms, and train and engage Ka Ni Kanichihk staff in gender-sensitive programming practices. The reach will extend to all women and girls accessing programming activities.

Ka Ni Kanichihk means “those who lead” in Ininew (Cree). They provide a culturally safe environment where the greatness and gifts of all peoples are honoured and where their cultural practices and values are practiced and Indigenous people can “just be who they naturally are.”

“At Ka Ni Kanichihk, we honour the laws of the Creator, the knowledge of our ancestors and our responsibility to the children; those that are here now and those still waiting to come-seven generations from now. We are thankful for the funding from the Government of Canada, which will ensure the success of our project and help enhance our organization to better serve Indigenous women and girls.”

Dodie Jordaan, Executive Director

Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.

Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc.

Project title: Transforming Together: A Project to Re-envision Family Violence Services in Manitoba

Funding amount: $600,000

Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc. (MAWS) will build capacity throughout the province’s shelter system by developing new, more effective service models and deliver effective intervention and prevention programs. By aligning resources and building capacity in a comprehensive, integrated, and collaborative way, it will develop strong governance across the shelter system. This increased capacity will enable MAWS to take a leadership role in the domestic violence and gender-based violence system in the future.

MAWS was created to provide support to member shelters; increased negotiating abilities with funders; shared information and resources; increased public awareness, training of staff and improved services for clients.

“Women’s shelters throughout Manitoba change lives for women and children who have experienced violence every single day. We’re thankful for this investment from the Government of Canada, which will enable shelters across our network and help to continue doing just that-under a stronger, more hopeful, and even more unified banner.”

Cristin Smook, Co-chair

Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc.

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc.

Project title: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward – Building Capacity

Funding amount: $659,092

With this funding, Manitoba Moon Voices Inc. (MMVI) will stabilize and grow its ability to support the well-being and prosperity of Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, and gender-diverse people in Manitoba. It will build financial capacity, improve board governance capacity, including the Grandmothers’ Advisory Circle, develop and implement a strategic plan, and build partnerships and collaborations to support organizational growth and a transition to improved stability. As MMVI is a provincial organization, the additional capacity and stability will have a province-wide reach and will benefit Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, and gender-diverse people across Manitoba.

MMVI is the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s (NWAC) Provincial-Territorial Member Associate representing the interests of Indigenous women and gender diverse people in Manitoba.

“We are excited that with this investment from the Government of Canada, Manitoba Moon Voices will continue to be able to reclaim and remember Indigenous women and gender-diverse peoples’ roles in leadership and traditional governance across the province, while honouring their accomplishments.”

Thelma Morrisseau, Co-chair

Manitoba Moon Voices Inc.

The Nellie McClung Foundation

Project title: Stabilization for the NMF

Funding amount: $197,720

The Nellie McClung Foundation will use this investment to ensure its sustainability to continue its work to advance women’s equality. It will build the capacity of the organization and its board of directors to attract more partnerships through the provision of annual signature events and supportive events, and to provide learning opportunities, particularly for young girls and women to understand the importance of the link between the legacy struggles and the continuing work for gender equality.

The Nellie McClung Foundation raises awareness and celebrates Nellie McClung’s legacy by inspiring and educating present and future champions to continue the journey to equality.

“Preserving the legacy of women like Nellie McClung is essential for understanding the importance of the accomplishments of these women. The support from the Government of Canada will empower our Foundation to continue ensuring the stories of the women who have built this province and our country are kept alive for generations to come.”

Doris Mae Oulton, Chair

The Nellie McClung Foundation

North End Women’s Centre Inc.

Project title: Women Leading for Change

Funding amount: $250,000

The North End Women’s Centre Inc. (NEWC) will improve organizational capacity and performance by developing the skills of women leaders. The intended immediate outcome is stronger, more self-aware women leaders, with intermediate outcomes focused on stronger women leaders within the organization, community and sector. Women leaders will contribute to effective practices within NEWC, resulting in better service delivery to participants and community.

NEWC has been serving women and their families since 1984. They are a registered non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.

“From securing transitional housing, to providing volunteer opportunities, to ensuring women have a reliable place to come for support in challenging times, this new federal funding will improve our organization’s capacity to serve significantly.”

Cynthia Drebot, Executive Director

North End Women’s Centre Inc.

North Point Douglas Women’s Centre

Project title: NPDWC Growth & Development Project

Funding amount: $249,750

With this funding, North Point Douglas Women’s Centre (NPDWC) will hire a human resources policy developer focused on growing its human and financial resources from a decolonizing healing-centred approach. Through the development and updating of its human resources policies and board governance manual, creation of a core training path for all team members to advance the leadership capacity of the team, and the creation of a board-led capital fundraising campaign to expand the Women’s Centre into a new space, NPDWC seeks to strengthen its ability to respond to the community it serves and that it seeks to employ.

NPDWC exists to create opportunities for women to develop their potential and engage fully as citizens of their community.

“Our programs are designed to provide support, training, resources and opportunities to women in North Point Douglas. Unfortunately, a lack of funding sometimes comes in the way of our ability to do this work. With this strengthened financial base from the federal government, our centre will be able to serve like never before.”

Tara Zajac, Executive Director

North Point Douglas Women’s Centre

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre

Project title: Decolonize and Grow: Improving Rural Manitoba Sexual Violence Services

Funding amount: $216,060

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s objective is to decolonize its programs and advance the accessibility and relevance of information pertinent to addressing sexualized violence. With this funding, it will consult with experts with a view of providing better services it its local communities and position it to contribute to organizations across the province that seek to support rural survivors of sexualized violence.

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s primary role is to support survivors and secondary victims of sexual assault. The organization works closely with regional service providers to ensure sexual assault survivors and secondary victims in northeastern Manitoba receive the best possible support for healing.

Sexual violence and relationship abuse affect all of us. Information helps us recognize the problem; conversation gets us working together to solve the problem. But we can’t do this alone – nor can we do this as well as possible on a shoestring budget. We are grateful for new funding from the Government of Canada, which will provide us the capacity to enhance the cultural safety and effectiveness of support for more survivors throughout rural Manitoba than ever before.”

Stephanie Klassen, Executive Director

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre

Taking Charge! Inc. – Se Prendre En Main! Inc.

Project title: Developing Fundraising Capacity

Funding amount: $147,500

Taking Charge! will partner with Protexia to develop a fundraising strategy, culture, and capacity within the organization that will be internally sustainable. This funding will serve to assist Taking Charge! in diversifying its sources of funding, and will be focused on the community of Winnipeg.

Taking Charge! Inc. is a non-profit organization assisting single parents and women to achieve self-sufficiency and take charge of their lives.

“Single parent families and women entering or re-entering the workforce in Winnipeg strive for self-sufficiency and independence. Now, with increased capacity from the Government of Canada, we’ll be helping even more of these families reach their goals.”

Jacqueline Wall, Executive Director

Taking Charge! Inc. – Se Prendre En Main! Inc.

The Pas Family Resource Centre Inc. – Minisewin Waska

Project title: Iskwewi Sokatisiwn (Women Empowerment)

Funding amount: $245,470

The Pas Family Resource Centre Inc. – Minisewin Waska will address capacity needs to allow the organization to continue promoting social and systemic change to advance gender equality. Organizational capacity will be enhanced through strategic planning, partnership development, collaboration and networking, development of an advocacy strategy, and a review of its organizational health and sustainability plan.

The Pas Family Resource Centre Inc. – Minisewin Waska promotes, supports and enhances the growth and well-being of families in The Pas and area. It offers a variety of programs, client services, community development, and other activities.

“The Pas Family Resource Centre is a trusted place in the community helping families and promoting social and systemic change towards gender equality. With the support from the federal government, our capacity is now strengthened, which will allow us to work more strategically and deepen partnerships to better serve people in The Pas.”

Lorna Sanderson, Chairperson

The Pas Family Resource Centre Inc. – Minisewin Waska

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