Body Worn Cameras issued to Frontline Police in North West Tasmania

The roll-out of Body Worn Cameras to police in North West Tasmania starts today, Tasmania Police say.

“The first Body Worn Cameras issued to frontline officers stationed in Burnie and Devonport will be operational from tomorrow,” said Western District Commander, Jonathan Higgins.

“This is a significant step forward in terms of providing a safe working environment for our frontline officers and I’m positive about the many benefits Body Worn Cameras will bring to the community of North West Tasmania.”

Body Worn Cameras are highly visible to anyone interacting with a police officer, attached to the front of a police officer’s high-visibility vest. Police officers will record their attendance at all operational incidents in accordance with established policy and guidelines for the use of the devices.

“Today’s launch of Body Worn Cameras to police within North West Tasmania marks another important phase in the staged deployment of cameras across the state,” said the Project Manager, Acting Inspector Marco Ghedini.

“The deployment of Body Worn Cameras to frontline officers stationed at Burnie and Devonport will now see the cameras operational at the four main operational city stations within Tasmania Police.

“Over the next five weeks 90 Body Worn Cameras will become operational across Burnie and Devonport, adding to the 100 cameras in Launceston, and 75 cameras
in Hobart.”

“Many benefits are already being reported by police wearing Body Worn Cameras in Hobart and Launceston, and I’m positive these benefits will now extend to the police and community of North West Tasmania.”

Over the past 8 weeks, the use of Body Worn Cameras by police in Hobart and Launceston has provided notable advantages including:

  • Positively influencing the behaviour of members of the public when interacting with police;
  • A more timely resolution of complaints against police officers;
  • The ability for police officers to capture quality and contemporaneous evidence to support investigations and prosecutions; and
  • The further contribution towards the professionalism and accountability of police officers.

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