Calling for community input into bushfire management planning

Strategic bushfire management planning is about bringing together land and fire managers, communities and stakeholders to develop a common understanding of bushfire risk across the landscape and determine the most appropriate management strategies and actions to reduce that risk.

Calling for community input into bushfire management planning

An important part of the Safer Together program, strategic bushfire management planning is being jointly delivered by Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic), CFA, Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), and local governments.

Unlike previous plans, the current strategic bushfire management planning addresses the risk posed by bushfires on both private and public land. It is informed by world-leading science and bushfire modelling and draws on community values that need protecting.

Last September, Victorian communities have told us that the most important things to protect are human life, private property, the natural environment, human health and well-being, infrastructure, regional economies and cultural heritage.

We are now calling for community input into bushfire management strategies in each region to help us strike the right balance. We are also exploring community views about fuel management on private land. Starting Monday 18 February, community input through regional online surveys will help us better understand what approach our communities prefer.

The feedback will inform the final strategies and guide our future work.

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