Can LOVE can save hospitality industry?


The Australian Hospitality industry is hurting. Competition is increasing, and margins are decreasing. Food delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo eat into margins (up to 35%) and they also take customers away from dining in.

But now a cleverly designed dating app with a twist, is showing the hospitality industry some love and sending daters back into venues around Aus, just like the old days.

WeDate is the only experience-based dating platform that drives traffic to restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. It’s a venture backed start up and its shaking up the online dating space as we once knew it.

WeDate identified a significant gap in the online dating market where existing dating apps actually had nothing to do with dating, meeting offline or the first date experience.

WeDate facilitates the first date experience, as users first browse thier curated list with over 25 dating categories, then the select, design and post the ideal dates that they want to go on.

Hospitality and pay-to-play businesses are already seeing the result from the platform:

“Finally there’s a service that sends full-price paying-customers back into venues. But not just any customers – daters!” Says café owner Mark DaCosta – Hale and Hearty, in Sydney.

Having successfully grown the app to over 16,000 active users, WeDate is now ready for investment to catapult its reach across Australia, and continue its mission to take people offline and send them to cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs and even movies, shows, and events.

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