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An Elegant Solution to Soft Sensing Challenge
A sustainable solution for safer drinking water
Extra amino acid could work wonders
Novel Nanogels Hold Promise for Improved Drug Delivery to Cancer Patients
New 3D-printed lattice designs defy conventional wisdom on metamaterials
Global tourism vulnerable to climate change
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television announces 2019-2020 theater season
Moving beyond hype: Could one-two treatment restore damaged heart muscle?
Surveys of Consumers: Confidence rebounds
In ‘Proving Einstein Right,’ Brown physicist recounts perilous expeditions by early eclipse chasers
Future of bone healing
Building Healthy Communities Through Partnerships
Tiny plankton slow to recover after dinosaur killing asteroid collision
New Director for Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
Innovations in farming and manufacturing focus of $1.1 million in NSF grants to IU
UW-Madison, local startup testing a one-two punch against hard-to-heal wounds
Study examines effects of climate change, land loss on Louisiana’s Houma tribe
University accelerates emissions reduction efforts with new Low-Carbon Action Plan
University accelerates emission reduction efforts with new Low-Carbon Action Plan
What do next 20 years hold for artificial intelligence?
Study finds age may hinder cancer development
WSU Wheat Academy registration opens
Female rugby players achieve peak fitness by varsity level, study suggests
Prof cleans up old Rome’s rep by digging in its garbage
New research finds nearly half flights we take aren’t important
Teenagers less likely to respond to mothers with controlling tone of voice
Million-mile battery unveiled by ground-breaking research
New potential treatment for preeclampsia
TSU publications on other resources
A laser, a crystal and molecular structures
Prestigious prize hails half a century of ground-breaking research
Older male sparrows seem to father more chicks by getting more sperm to egg
Life’s building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds
University to be at centre of developing Britain’s infrastructure
Sino-Norwegian Center for Study of Society and Environment set up at ZJU
Researchers identify a group of genetic markers linked to start of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
Light work for superconductors
Nanoform and AstraZeneca Initiate Technology Evaluation
Poetry “like a new religion” says Mona Arshi, ahead of Liverpool Literary Festival
Study gets to root of rice’s resilience to floods
Insight into Competitive Advantage of Modern Humans over Neanderthals
Providing culturally sensitive pregnancy care to black women
Earliest cluster of forming galaxies discovered 13 billion light-years away
Artificial skin could help rehabilitation and enhance virtual reality
Galaxy surrounded by a halo of tranquil gas
Change of leadership for VET regulator
Deakin uses 3-D to scan costumes in Arts Centre Melbourne’s national collection
Queen Mary launches UK’s first degree course in social change