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What is an astrophysicist?
Academics announced as finalists in 5 Eureka Prize categories
Pilgrim travel ratings more spiritual than physical
Sore throat? Don’t expect antibiotics
Drone doctor: Measuring whale health from above – new University of Canterbury research
A nationwide, biopsy-based cohort study revealed prognostic value of overt proteinuria
Wingless but not clueless: wingless grasshopper is prepared to flourish in a changing world
‘How-to’ guide launched to speed up spread of ‘game-changing’ stroke treatment
Purpose of life: why textbook needs an update
Language of leaving: Brexit, war and cultural trauma
Study indicates causal link between obesity and multiple diseases
UQP author wins Miles Franklin
Less-invasive procedures as good as open surgery in restoring leg blood flow, avoiding amputation
How wetlands bury carbon, guarding against weeds of future, Indigenous science education
Cameras reveal secret lives of mangrove stingrays
NASA Announces Call for Next Phase of Commercial Lunar Payload Services
Street party to kick off National Science Week in Hobart
New technique helps engineer water filters, human tissues
Professor Emeritus Samuel Bowring, pioneering geologist and expert in geochronology, dies
NASA Announces US Industry Partnerships to Advance Moon, Mars Technology
Hurricane Conference Set for Aug. 2 at UH
Yale and Mayo Clinic awarded FDA grant to study opioid prescribing and use
Predicting seismic activity at fracking sites to prevent earthquakes
Minimizing wildfire risk through economics
School of Engineering second quarter 2019 awards
Case Western Reserve ‘spinout’ company, Convelo Therapeutics, partners with Genentech to develop medicines for neurological disorders
Marital Infidelity and Professional Misconduct Linked, Study Shows
Could a daily pinprick lead to better health? This University researcher thinks so as he seeks
FSU and UF receive $29 million to speed discoveries leading to better health
University of Regensburg and MIT-Germany expand partnership
UH Study: New Bottlenecks, Challenges Loom as Permian Booms
Overuse, or one bad move? New view on ACL tears prompt questions on how athletes train
Beyond bottom line: Investors favour companies that give back
UTA and Lockheed Martin team up on unmanned vehicle project
West Coast forest landowners will plant less Douglas-fir in warming climate, model shows
Key Environmental Quality Research Questions Identified for North America by Multidisciplinary Team
Study reveals new structure of gold at extremes
Neutrons shed light on industrial catalyst for hydrogen production
Overseas students choose Australia for quality VET
Eureka finals for citizen science reef protection project
A Eureka moment for UOW-led research team
New role to improve player performance
Researchers raise heat on molten metals to forge future technologies
Study finds lower stress, depression levels in mothers of children with autism by improving relationships
Report seeks to recognize meaning of Mount Rushmore for Native people
Searching for previously unknown toxins, potential medicines in Lake Erie cyanobacteria blooms
For Men, Weight Stigma Comes with Harmful Health Consequences
Researchers estimate societal costs of opioid epidemic