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Firebird scientists, coral reefs, Pokémon, and a cancer-themed escape room
Baptist Scholars International Roundtable Meets in Oxford
Deep dives, green steel, Star Wars – National Science Week kicks off
Berkeley Talks: How an ‘awe walk’ helped one musician reconnect with her home
Dalla Lana researcher challenges international standard of care for trans patients
NASA Invites Media to Drone Traffic Testing in Corpus Christi, Texas
UNE’s financial outlook elevated to highest rating by Moody’s
Printing flattens polymers, improving electrical and optical properties
Researchers creating AI-powered chatbot to help families living with neurodevelopmental disabilities
Rice chemists show it’s hip to be square
Kelli Fox appears on ‘WGME’ in report about changing way we talk about addiction
Genetic analyses indicate that effect of being overweight and obesity on cancer risk is at least double what was previously…
Music of spheres
Nanoparticles’ movement reveals whether they can successfully target cancer
Adding mental health specialists to primary care clinics boosts vets’ access to outpatient services
Behavioral science models can help identify greenest dietary changes
Yearlong hackathon engages nano community around health issues
Bone strength could be linked to when you reached puberty
Artificial intelligence could yield more accurate breast cancer diagnoses
Work placements undertaken whilst at university can improve job prospects – but quality
Oxford spinout company launched to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease from MRI scans
Health effects of eating marijuana is subject of a new study
Evidence found for cloaked black hole in early universe
Rainforests can only absorb CO2 as long as nutrient stores last
Trump’s Fight to Count U.S. Citizens and Non-Citizens: 5 Questions Answered
Senator Patrick Dodson delivers Dungala Kaiela oration in Shepparton
Medical research ranked higher by people receiving health-related news while they wait
Royal Society Fellow to explore Earth’s ‘magnetic’ relationship with Sun
Analysis and Detoxification in One Step: A smart chemoenzymatic method detects and removes hazardous phenols
Green turtles eat plastic that looks like their food
Bending rules: A revolutionary new way for metals to be malleable
Greater Brighton’s creative industries worth more than £1.5 billion
Researchers use CRISPR/Cas to repair two mutations of cystic fibrosis gene
First independent report into UK Hajj industry
Researchers get first microscopic look at a tiny phenomenon with potential implications for quantum
Studies of fungi provide new knowledge of harmful mutations in cells
Rugby great joins fight against youth suicide
Implantable 3D blastocyst-like embryonic structure generated from mouse stem cells
Morrison Govt ignores preschool funding yet again
UOW to save power in energy system overhaul
Shah Rukh Khan Scholarship at La Trobe
WA voluntary assisted dying bill differs from Victoria’s
Canberra has its say on future of education
Enhanced Natural Gas Storage to Help Reduce Global Warming
Dance, astronomy and Indigenous culture collide in 4 Dimensions
PM pushing TAFE students into jaws of a profit-driven feeding frenzy
Art meets astrophysics, cocktail chemistry, women’s woo, and wild weather
From little things big things grow