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3Q: Hal Abelson on empowering kids through mobile technology
Brains and beers unite for national science talks
Researchers join multi-billion dollar smart satellite revolution
UWA and Trilogy join forces to offer coding boot camp
Unemployment steady at 5.1% – but how many full time?
Sydney Con International Jazz Festival 2019
Pilbara ship engraving may depict British ship Mermaid in 1818
World Solar Challenge to test new energy strategy for solar industry
Counting costs of major parties’ climate change policies
Cane toads are ‘reluctant warriors’ when it comes to oozing toxin
IT magic moments spreading like wildfire
Too big too soon for Domino’s?
Washable, wearable battery-like devices could be woven directly into clothes
Discrimination to be focus of Dementia Action Week in September
Pelvic exercises may beat bedroom blues
Migrants fleeing regional Australia for capital cities
Treating adolescent mental health focus of new partnership
New mission boosts understanding of how ocean melts Antarctic ice sheet
Jamie Milne gets set to MC Sunshine Coast Memory Walk & Jog
Media Invited to SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch of Four NASA Missions
More mysterious jars of dead unearthed in Laos
Overworked rural doctors call for more staff and workable rosters – AMA survey
Susan Silbey earns faculty’s prestigious Killian Award
Yale study identifies how cancer drug inhibits DNA repair in cancer cells
James Livingston, senior lecturer emeritus in materials science and engineering, dies at 88
Machine learning predicts mechanical properties of porous materials
New surface treatment could improve refrigeration efficiency
‘Impossible’ nano-sized protein cages made with help of gold
Oxford announces new Institute for Charity
Amount of carbon stored in forests reduced as climate warms
$3 million for University’s successful local co-operative program
Major parties commit to addressing medicine safety
Julia Gillard on role modelling, resilience and leadership
Inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and mavericks
Predator exposure can help vulnerable species survive in wild
Search and rescue on ice
Australia and Vietnam develop blueprint to fuel digital economy
How will US-China trade war affect Australia?
Australian representatives to compete in Great Court Race
Industry self-regulation of food advertising doesn’t work, worldwide study shows
Grad student John Urschel tackles his lifelong balance of math and football in new memoir
Next gen journalism students broadcast federal election
Western research backs Parramatta Light Rail green track
Curtin planetary scientist unravels mystery of Egyptian desert glass
Griffith grad powers into Eurovision finals
Industry 4.0 poised to deliver growth and change
Blood flow command centre discovered in brain
Peace passes winnings to Caboolture Netball