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Alaska on track for hottest year since records began
Apple to lower App Store ‘tax’ for loyal subscribers
Woman’s emotional reunion with chimpanzees she helped save
Drone buzzes past Ottawa Airport, 2 fighter jets scrambled an hour later
Bilderberg is not a conspiracy of superelite
Japan pushes ahead with US base worker rape, murder case
Ethiopia base in Somalia ‘attacked by al-Shabab’
UN aims for 2030 end to AIDS pandemic
Twin blasts in Baghdad kill 22, over 70 wounded
Militants raid Ethiopian base in latest Somalia attack
Denmark strips citizenship on terrorism charges
Names proposed for new chemical elements
Thailand’s King Bhumibol marks 70 years on the throne
Israel freezes Ramadan permits for Palestinians after shooting
Clinton begins search for Vice President
Arkansas plane crash leaves one dead, one injured
Suspect extradited for people smuggling ‘is wrong man’
University protests banned in Papua New Guinea
Four killed, 6 wounded in Tel Aviv shooting
6.2 undersea quake strikes central Indonesia
Islamic State loses ground on fronts in Syria, Iraq
6.2 quake strikes Indonesia off Lombok coast
Japan protests as Chinese navy sails near disputed isles
North Korea to convene rare parliamentary session on June 29
Ready to back Clinton, Obama works to unite divided Democrats
Congress seeks to limit animal testing
Huge growing magma bubble blamed for New Zealand quakes
NASA uses balloons to map Earth’s magnetic field
Court fines Nigeria $3.25 million in extrajudicial killings
500 year-old shipwreck loaded with gold found in Namibian desert
Google and EU govts’ cross-hiring revealed in new report
Massive ‘hot Jupiter’ has power to ‘spin-up’ own star, scientists claim
Scottish Muslims offer to teach Trump during visit
Anti-EU feeling spreading across Europe, study finds
Alleged people smuggling kingpin is extradited to Italy
China asks DNA samples from Xinjiang travel applicants
1% of world population owns almost half of its wealth
Brexit could ‘fragment the Western world’ – William Hague
Taliban kill 12 Afghans, kidnap 40 others: Officials
Indonesia plans tougher punishments for poachers
Sudan extradites kingpin of migrant smugglers to Italy
Police in Papua New Guinea have opened fire on students
900,000 Brits earn more than $1mn… not bad for a country under austerity
Labour divided as pro-nuke MPs demand Trident renewal
French archaeologists discover bones from 6,000-year-old massacre
Syrian jets pound Aleppo, many casualties reported
Austria’s far-right Freedom Party challenges presidential election result – court
Some 80% of migrants come to Germany without passports in 1Q2016