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Trump, Clintons, and bimbo eruptions: 2016 race could end up below the belt
Clinton Sanders split wins as they slug it out to bitter end
EgyptAir flight 804 disappears en route from Paris to Cairo with over 60 on board
Superbugs will kill 10 million people a year by 2050: Report
French police targeted by angry protesters in rally against ‘anti-cop hatred’
Ukraine commemorates crimean tatars’ deportation
Fresh Syria airstrikes kill at least 12 in Rastan
Red Cross says delivers aid to besieged Damascus suburb after four years
The world’s smallest porpoise is in trouble
Voters doubt his leadership credibility
Chinese jets fly close to US spy planes, says Pentagon
Queen Elizabeth unveils government’s reform agenda ahead of EU vote
Maduro acts against “systematic aggression”
UN senior official criticizes Europe for lack of empathy toward Syrian refugees
New law in Philippines aims to protect children after disasters
Humans causing Texas quakes since 1925, long before fracking – study
Pear-shaped pink diamond sells for $31.5 million at Sotheby’s
GM food generally safe for humans and the environment, report says
Farming is ‘single biggest cause’ of worst air pollution in Europe
Bug on Facebook keeps world’s biggest publishers from posting
Three major paradoxes show failure of “Abenomics”
Fire halts train service at New York’s Grand Central Terminal
6.7 earthquake strikes western Ecuador
Some 100 evacuated after fire at Western Sydney recycling plant
US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in narrow Kentucky primary victory
Candidate for Congress leaves open porn tabs in Facebook photo
French unions launch wave of protest against labor reform
IMF seeks debt relief for Greece until 2040
More than 150 people feared buried in Sri Lanka landslides – rescue officials
Closure of BBC recipe website cooks up storm in UK
Trump claims he is worth over $10 billion
AI research tool runs Nobel Prize physics experiment
Donald Trump willing to meet North Korea’s Kim over nukes, scrap climate deal
GMO crops not harming human health, but not boosting yields – report
Senate passes bill allowing September 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia
Kochs pumping $42mn into defending Republicans’ US Senate majority, says report
French President says won’t back down on labor market reform
Boris Johnson accused of burying ominous findings in air pollution report
Cameron ‘knee-deep in conspiracy’ with big business to keep Britain in EU
Don’t ban ‘offensive and bigoted’ Trump from UK: Rowling
Israel-Palestine peace conference of May 30 postponed, Hollande says
Chinese bank to buy $90bn gold vault in London
Refugees host city pins hope on World Humanitarian Summit
ISIS might be happy with Brexit: David Cameron
EU’s Tusk brands Boris Johnson’s Hitler comparison ‘dangerous & absurd’
‘Prove you were spied on,’ secret UK court tells 650 claimants
Hollande admits failure in battle against unemployment
EU adopts new cyber security rules