CFMEU Leadership Group Statement on John Setka

CFMEU Victorian Branch DBMC

Resolution 1

This DBMC acknowledges and adopts the delegates resolution passed on Thursday 13th June and unanimously and unconditionally supports the leadership of Branch Secretary John Setka.

Further, we call on the National Office and this week’s National Executive in Canberra to implement the Delegates’ resolution ASAP, and that is:

1. A public statement of support put out for Branch Secretary John Setka whilst also condemning the cowardly manufactured leaks from the last NEX.

2. Appoint an independent investigator on an agreed timeframe to conduct an audit of the phone records of all individuals who attended the last NEX.

Further, this DBMC notes that private documents internal to the Branch and held by only a very few were leaked to the media in another spineless attempt to bring down the Branch Secretary. As a result of this, the DBMC resolves to immediately engage an independent investigator to commence an investigation including a forensic IT and phone audit of all employees, Branch Officials and National Officers of the union, with access to the private documents.

Given that the relevant documents concerned were also in the hands of Gordon Legal, the investigation will also include those individuals employed by Gordon Legal who had access to these documents.

Resolved unanimously.

Resolution 2

This DBMC notes the threat to expel Branch Secretary John Setka from the ALP. And resolves that should this occur, all financial and in-kind support to the ALP cease immediately from the Victorian Branch of the CFMEU.

Resolved unanimously.

Resolution 3

This DBMC notes the handful of unions that are calling for the Branch Secretary to resign. These calls have more to do with politics than anything to do with the current situation and only encourage the cowardly actions of an unnamed source who leaked vile unsubstantiated allegations against the Secretary.

Following these calls, and as of today, the Victorian Branch of the CFMEU will no longer recognise traditional long-held membership coverage and demarcation lines with Unions that have attacked this Branch.

Resolved unanimously

Resolution 4

This DBMC acknowledges the request from last week’s CFMEU Branch Delegates meeting attended by some 400+ delegates. That is for the CFMMEU nationally to convene the next NEX in Melbourne and that during the NEX, one hour be put aside so that all individual members of the NEX can front the Victorian Branch Delegates meeting and each give their views and interpretation of the events and discussion coming out of the last NEX.

Resolved unanimously.

/Public Release.