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Calling Princess Leia: How out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars hologram just became a step closer to reality
Understanding transporter proteins at a single-molecule level
Reform to support better outcomes for Māori learners and whānau
Supporting all schools to succeed
New Particle Analysis Technique Paves Way for Better Air Pollution Monitoring
Getting waste sorted a focus for National Recycling Week
ASIC cancels AFS licence of Southern Mortgages Ltd
Statement of Troika Embassies in Juba, South Sudan
Vision Super strikes a blow against pro-coal lobbying
An easier way to park in central Geelong
Zooming into cilia sheds light on blinding diseases
New ‘bike helmet’ style brain scanner used with children for first time
Ultrafast Quantum Motion in a Nanoscale Trap Detected
Ten of 12 HFIR instruments upgraded
Tech Nation to support growth of UK Lawtech with £2 million of government funding
All-printed flexible and stretchable electronics fabricated by a special liquid‐metal-silicone (LMS) ink
Australian FM statement on North Korean missile launches
A new home for D13 team
TRC starts procurement for New Energy Generation project
New report reveals barriers to prosecution and conviction for sexual violence cases
$185 million in compensation awarded to consumers in AFCA’s first 12 months
Constitutional Committee Syria Small Group’s statement
New Printer Creates Extremely Realistic Colorful Holograms
Six-monthly report to Parliament on Hong Kong January to June 2019
Six-monthly report to Parliament on Hong Kong January to June 2019
FIFA launches new legal portal
Blockchain Offers Promise for Securing Global Supply Chain
Man stabbed during carjacking at Albury
Colac to host AFL pre-season match in 2020
Pushing for real implementation of women in peace and security agenda
Stanford increasing access to 3D modeling through touch-based display
Hampshire County Council and University of Southampton working together to share expertise
Turning a dangerous toxin into a biosensor
Electrodes to study how our brain recognises objects
Computer vision identifies ripe fruit and counterfeit drugs
Synchrotron experiment will help to improve gallium arsenide sensors
Agencies finalize changes to resolution plan requirements
Watching materials crystallize
Soft double gyroids are unique, but imperfect, crystals
Crystallization clarified, researchers report
AFCA appoints industry leader to spearhead customer service
Vision Super urges a vote against BHP
WHO expert panel on digital health meets for first time
Keeping peace in a changing backdrop in Sudan and South Sudan
Council supports Bullock Island takeover – East Gippsland
Way is clear: CORNING taps neutrons for developing new glass compositions
Global Wind Atlas 3.0 released
Researcher Unveils a Plan for a Dense Seismological Survey of Los Angeles